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Shocking video: What public restrooms around the world looks like?

Shocking video: What public restrooms around the world looks like?

The world doesn’t revolve around a single type of toilet.

So if you’re going to travel to another country, be prepared to face an uncomfortable-looking place for your bum.

You see, different countries apply unique cultural experience and restrooms are not even exempted to the rules.

The now-viral video about toilets around the world was upload on YouTube by Cut Video has been circulating on social media gaining more than 200 thousand views.

The cut video channel was curious on what exactly do public restroom in different countries looks like and so they sent their producer Blaine to travel around the world in order to capture footage of public restrooms.

Love it or hate it, the clip shows some of the toilets you’d see in your travels.

WARNING: Some Viewers may find this content disturbing.

(Video credits by The Cut)

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