10 of the Most Coolest Features in Google+ (The Plus Project)

10 of the Most Coolest Features in Google+ (The Plus Project)

Google quoted “Sharing is a huge part of the web, a part that we think could be a lot simpler. That’s why we’ve been working on adding a few new things to Google: to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with them in the real world. We hope you like what we’ve cooked up so far. And stay tuned, because there’s more to come.”

Get a tour on Google+ Project, or get invites once it’s ready to the public.

Here’s our Top 10 lists of the Most Coolest Features in Google+ (Plus) Project to be launch soon. (See more Google Services: 10 of Google’s Most Useful Internet Tools) and make most out of Google.(See top 10 lists of Google Tricks which Usually Neglected)

1 – Circles. Nested Circles. People Want Inception. A circle within a circle.

You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life.

2 – Sparks. The ability to change the picture when sharing a link.

Remember when your Grandpa used to cut articles out of the paper and send them to you? That was nice. That’s kind of what Sparks does: looks for videos and articles it thinks you’ll like, so when you’re free, there’s always something to watch, read, and share. Grandpa would approve.

3 – Better Streams control. The ability to hide a circle from the main timeline. Right now 90 % of the posts comes from 10 -20 people.

4 – A video Page. Right now you can see all of your images, but you can not see a history of the videos that you posted

5 – Better notification handling. Right now when you click and see that 3 people commented on a post, you will see only the last comment. It would be useful to see from your last comment.

6 – Merge google accounts. Some people have one google account and others that are using for apps development.

7 – The ability to find people based on location.

8 – Integration with google docs. So people can share a question easy , share a documnet with your family, etc.

9 – Iphone App . I see a lot of talking of people considering to buy Android phones just that they can use Google Plus.

10 – API for External Development.

What do you think of this Top 10 list? Is there something else that needs to be add? Or to remove some features that does not deserve to be there…

Not yet launch? Google hopes to do with Google+, so they’re taking it slow.

“It’s not about one particular project, it’s about Google getting better. We know this is going to take us a considerable amount of time. But we want to make Google better by connecting you with your relationships and interests,” Gundotra reiterates. He declined to state how big the team within Google currently working on the project is, but says that it’s a “decent sized team”.

“Today’s web is about people. To organize the world’s data, you have to understand people,” Gundotra concludes, noting that newly crowned CEO Larry Page has been heavily involved in this project from the get-go.

As it is unveiled to the world, Google+ sounds and looks great. But we’ve seen that before from Google. Now what comes is the hard part.

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