10 of the Most Inspiring Pinoy Bloggers and Blogs

10 of the Most Inspiring Pinoy Bloggers and Blogs

Most Inspiring Pinoy Bloggers and Blogs 2011 Year End Gives-back Special.

The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

As I take a sit, sipping my hot coffee, I think through the quotes Sir Roosevelt had left us – stunned by the first phrase “The best thing you can do is the right thing.” I asked myself, what was the best thing that I did this year of 2011? I used to think of that when I was little, perhaps by some force of my metabolism I have forgotten the essence of what did I do best – for me and for others. Some of these “Others” are what we call Hero – an inspiration. Yes, every now and then we need a hero. Sometimes we need them to be able to say, “What would [insert your hero’s name] do?” in order to conquer a complicated obstacle. Sometimes just picturing our hero’s face in our mind is enough to keep us going. Sometimes we do not need to look any further than within our own circle of family and friends. At other times, we are inspired by those we know only in name.

I believe that Blogging is a very powerful tool in expressing oneself and changing the lives of others. For this reason I have put together top 10 lists of Bloggers and Blogs that I deem to be the most inspirational figures of the year 2011. The list below is in random order.

  • 1 – John Philip,

    When I think of this blogger, I can’t help but to smile – no I mean it literally. There is something to this blogger and his blog; hmmm… what’s that word? Yes – Charisma to people. The way he writes and engages with other bloggers in blogosphere. You can see his passion in writing, the way how he thinks through complicated situations or issues and come up in grounds that he thinks worth fighting.

    So John, what are the good things you did this year?
    “Hmm, may nagawa nga ba akong tama? Hmm tingin ko I have, marami ako naturuan sa pagba-blog. Hindi ko na count. hindi ako SEO expert pero lahat ng tinuro sa akin eh itinuro ko sa kanila. Ngayon nga mas earners pa ung mga tinuruan ko, at ang maganda dun hindi sila nakakalimot lumingon…lagi sila nagpapasalamat.
    Lagi ko sinasabi na “Blog about your passion and make Blogging your passion” Trademark ko yan hehehe. Yan ang pinakamagandang quote siguro galing kay Semidoppel. Tingin ko ‘yung pagbabago ng niche ko kahit may negative impact sa traffic at stats ng blog ko eh may malaking tulong din. Nai-share ko sa mga tao, kapwa Filipino o foreigner man na kung anung kultura natin, simula sa mga laro hanggang sa pamahiin. Nai-share ko sa kanila ang mga point of views ko na minsan ako lang ay may lakas ng loob kahit na may magsasabing mali ako.well opinion nila iyon. Isang tama din na ginawa ko sa blogosphere na napatunayan ko naman siguro na ang respeto ehhindi lang nakukuha sa isang larangan…kahit anung galing mo sa isang aspeto kung wala ka naman pakialam, hindi ka nagmamasid at hindi ka sensitibo eh balewala ang kahusayan.”

  • 2 – Bennix,

    I’m not a techie type person but by the way this next blogger influenced others in terms of technology stuff – you’re up for this list of inspirational figures. From the first time I chat with Bennix and exchange comments, I know that he’s one of the best in blogosphere. The way he take things lightly and of course the way he build bond or friendship with other bloggers and you may add the success his Bennixville blog that as of now holds a much avid followers.

    So Bennix, what are the good things you did this year?
    “Constantly connecting to successful and active bloggers online is the right thing I did this year in the blogosphere and because they are the people that helps me to excel and achieve my milestone in time. Success is like a magnet if you stick with the losers then, definitely you will have the same fate. It’s not wrong to be open-minded, accept criticisms from readers and most of all aspire what others had in the blogosphere, that’s the main thing I learn there.”

  • When things go wrong, you can fall down or look up. You can shut down or wake up, all over again, starting from right where you stand. You can accept that the days won’t always look bright, but commit to finding something worth smiling about. Not sure what that might be? – This next blogger is the right person to talk to. Charlie is the founder of whose advocacy is to spread happiness or just a simple smile to share with others. He is also the mind behind I always admire Charlie for his vision to help others which also the one who lit the fire of blogging spirits.

    So Charlie, what are the good things you did this year?
    “Ginawa kong tama? lolzz sabi sayo wala akong maisasagot eh :)) … Seryoso … Nung nag-umpisa akong magblog hangad ko lang may mapaglibangan, di ko rin inaasahan na aabot sa ganito ang pagba-blog ko. Di ko alam kung tama nga ba, pero sa tingin ko tama naman … Nagawa ko na ang isa o grupo ng mga bloggers, hindi ko man kilala ng personal, na magkaisa para sa isang mabuting adbokasiya. Ang magpangiti ng mga Kids sa abot ng aming makakaya.”

  • 4 – Roy,

    Ever dream to have a big brother who’s guiding you to every step of the way and helping you up through encouragement and support? That’s what I see of Sir Roy from London – up for this top inspiring list. He is also the man behind Proudly Pinoy Bloggers Group in Facebook which as of now one of the main reasons why I’m always present in Facebook almost everyday. One way to say thank you is to share my knowledge others like what he did to me.

    So Roy, what are the good things you did this year?
    “Ang naging nagawa kong tama sa blogosphere ngayung taon ay nakapagbuo ako ng Proudly Pinoy Bloggers group sa facebook, at napagbuklod at napag-isa ang layunin ng kapwa bloggers na magtulungan sa larangan ng blogging. Nagkakaroon din ako ng maraming kaibigan at kakilala at ang bawat isa nmay ganun din.”

  • 5 – Manuel,

    Oh well, Here’s the man – Manuel Garcia, Founder of DesignrsHub. The first time I meet him online just 5 months ago was something that made him to be included in this top inspiring bloggers list. I’m one of the witnesses to how he successful manages Designrshub as one of the sensational design blogs here in Philippines as well as worldwide. And guess what? This man is also the winner of our very first Best TOP10 Contest.

    So Manuel, what are the good things you did this year?
    “The best thing I did, was to help other bloggers with their blogging career through giving tips, advice, answers to their inquiries and so on”

  • 6 – Gian Faye,

    Yes, the great Gian Faye of loading-info is one of the inspiring blogger of 2011. I still do remember when I first meet her online and it’s something funny – I actually pissed her. I get to know her when I react viciously in the comment on a blog about Adsense and its banning activities for violators; I’m some sort of bad mood at that time. At the end I did try to make up with her and who knew that she will become one of my trusted blogger friends online. Today, I always admire and respect her ground on certain issues and let me tell you that I’m a fan of her blog too.

    So Gian, what are the good things you did this year?
    “I quite don’t get it because I was trying to do the right thing on almost everything. I think the best thing I did this year is to revive my blog on February which I have abandoned for months. If I hadn’t done that I would knew awesome people and awesome blogs.”

  • 7 – Jose,

    This person seems to be the star of 2011 in terms of blessings – The year of recognition in tribute to his talent in writing and blogging. I’m quite impressed by how dedicated he is on his works and he deserves what he is now – definitely one of the most inspiring this year and I can see a great future ahead for 2012.

    So Jhiegz, what are the good things you did this year?
    “As a blogger, I would say that the best thing I did in the blogosphere for the year 2011 was I able to prove to myself that writing isn’t only my passion, it becomes my life that I have my heart and soul in it which was the best way of expressing my total emotions and feelings… Having all my articles visible to my blogs, it all showed my sense of honesty and being fair to my co bloggers… In fact in 2011, I shared the best in me without doing any harm to others. However, since we can’t please everyone, those negative criticisms somewhat inspired me to write more, express more and be open to changes for the best. I will take it that way because I always stand being positive all the time… At this point, I am glad that through my blogs I inspire and motivate others to become bloggers for the coming years…”

  • I personally believe that the personification of knowledge comes not just in a piece of something informative, thus from the sources that leads to knowing that information. This year might not be my year to learn programming stuff as I listed from last years resolution and I still never give up since I have a sensei to look up to – it’s this guy from beneath the tree. What else is there to worry about? – I trust this guy and his awesome blog.

    So AJ, what are the good things you did this year?
    “For almost three years, 2011 is a year for me to explore the blogosphere. Also, it has been an opportunity for me too to share not only my skills on programming but my knowledge in other niches. With this, I was able to gain more friends and learn more things.”

  • 9 – Ram,

    So hype about the latest gadgets and gizmos? So are we, and Ram of Gadget Report is the first person to see – well that’s if you’re in the Philippines. Ram has been ravishing the latest Technology slash Gadget world on his blog and it’s a one stop for buyers of this stuff. His thingy obsession (sorry for the choice of words) on gadgets makes his way up for the most inspiring bloggers this year. Will he end up being the next Gadget Master? We’ll look forward to that.

  • 10 – Iam Herbert,

    We should be thankful to who we meet everyday like this inspiring blogger – Iam Herbert of Locally Made. I meet him specifically in Facebook Blogger group Proudly Pinoy Bloggers and since then I always visit his blogs get valuable information which always inspires me to write more of quality content. I haven’t met him in person though I think he’s a humble one and that’s one of the reasons why I include him in our most inspiring bloggers list of 2011.

    So Iam Herbert, what are the good things you did this year?
    “Sharing the knowledge i gained from other people to my fellow bloggers. More white hat and less black hat “


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