10 of the Most Wicked “Bad Ass” Corporation in Movies

10 of the Most Wicked “Bad Ass” Corporation in Movies

While I was completely engrossed in Prometheus Movie – a prequel to blockbuster Sci-fi Alien movies, I felt a tug-war going on between the cerebral and visceral elements, right up to the finale. I had to agree, Ridley is a genius in filming crafts.

Let’s take a look back in the past and present Hollywood movies considering the companies and corporation that brought the chaos and make the story enticing in these movies. Time Magazine sets its eyes on this matter by listing their top 10 list of bad ass corporation in movies. What do you think about this list?

  • 1 – Weyland-Utani Corporation, (Aliens and Prometheus)

  • 2 – Umbrella Corporation, (Resident Evil Series)

  • 3 – Omni Consumer Products (OCP), (RoboCop)

  • 4 – International Genetic Technologies, Inc. (InGen), (Jurassic Park)

  • 5 – Multi-National United (MNU), (District 9)

  • 6 – Tyrell Corporation, (Blade Runner)

  • 7 – Engulf and Devour, (Silent Movie)

  • 8 – Cyberdyne Systems, (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

  • 9 – Initech, (Office Space)

  • 10 – Soylent Corporation, (Soylent Green)

[Reference/Source: Bad Company: Top 10 Evil Corporations in Movies]


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