10 Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

10 Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

Automobile accidents bring scores of thousand fatalities and millions worth of damage properties each year in the United States alone. And sad to say, majority of these accidents can be avoided through knowing and avoiding accident-causing circumstances.

To be discussed below are the top 10 lists of main reasons of car accidents that one may find useful in saving oneself from any unpleasant road misfortunes.

1 – Distraction

Distraction may come in the form of cellphone usage, changing discs or FM stations on the stereo, bending over for something, or anything that can steal a driver’s attention from the road. Even a second lost on your focus can be very devastating.

2 – Speeding

Speed limits are set to prevent accidents but some road users ignore these which often result in mishaps. Somebody can be ran-over or you can bump into another vehicle. When you are driving fast, you only have a small window to do something that can prevent accidents.

3 – Intoxicated Driving

Being intoxicated with alcohol or drugs will deprive anyone of his focus on the road and will be very dangerous for everyone.

4 – Recklessness

When you tend to ignore traffic rules and regulations like tailgating, quick lane changing, speeding, reckless overtaking and the likes, you are most probably to cause a road mishap.

5 – Bad Weather

Storms, heavy rains and thick fogs make the road more dangerous. Tree branches may fall down on you. The road may become unclear due to the heavy downpour or the fog, or it can be very slippery. When driving through a bad weather, every driver should employ extra caution.

6 – Beating Red Lights

Running through red lights often cause high speed side-impact collisions wherein fatality rate is high. Being patient to wait for the green light to turn even though there is no traffic at all will certainly save your life.

7 – Night Driving

Driving at nighttime is much hazardous than when the sun is still up. You have shorter road horizon due to darkness and that most of the time you can only see something when they are already too near to you often causing accidents.

8 – Vehicle design defects

Vehicle design malfunction also causes fatal accidents. No car is made perfectly. Some design defects create distinct accident setups.

9 – Drowsiness

Sleeping behind the wheels may cause you to drive out of the road or collide with another vehicle. Whenever you feel drowsy, better pull off the road and sleep it out even for 30 minutes.

10 – Road Defects

Road defects such as potholes pose potential danger to every motorist. Running through this might cause you of losing control to the vehicle or having a blown tire. Whenever driving through unmaintained roads, you must always lookout for those potholes.
Car accidents do not only hurt people physically, it alsao hurt us financially through huge medical bills, third party liability and costly lawsuits. And as accidents come unannounced, having injury liability and property liability auto insurance will always come in handy, saving you from much trouble later on. While we try our best to avoid these mishaps, having a car insurance will give us more peace of mind.


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