10 of the Things Boys Don’t like to hear from Girlfriend

10 of the Things Boys Don’t like to hear from Girlfriend

The “male ego” is usually the most sensitive aspect of a guy’s nature. The fact, that most men live in their “heads” accounts for the king size egos that they carry. Men are “mind” centric and usually have core issues with their “self image”. It would be impossible to find a man who does not feel touchy about his self image. Men, in general, are very egoistic – you can say it’s almost genetic.

It’s easy for misunderstandings to creep into a relationship when the girl says things that a guy is likely to misinterpret. So here’s a Top10 list of a few things that guys don’t like to hear from their girl.

1 – You are so “thin” or you are so “fat”

Most guys are very touchy about their body and the last thing they want to hear from their girlfriend is a “negative” comment about their body, even if they know it to be true.

2 – You should be more like that guy

Comparisons are best avoided especially keeping the “male ego” in mind. Just like girls don’t like to be compared to other girls, guys hate to be compared with other guys. Many girls tend to make this mistake when they are feeling pissed off about something their boyfriend did. The only problem is that the guy is going to remember your “remark” and he is going to hurt bad.

3 – You dress funny

Don’t ever comment about a guy’s dressing style in a negative way. It’s not only going to annoy him but also make him “squirm” within. Of course, there is no harm in giving him tips on how he can improve his dressing, but be sure to do that in a “diplomatic” way.

4 – You are boring

If you say this to your boyfriend once, you are going to give him a complex which he may not recover from. Guys hate to be “boring” around girls. He is going to take it a very personal insult. Don’t even say this in a joking manner.

5 – You kiss pathetic

Guys pride themselves on their “kissing” prowess, not matter how badly they suck at it. It’s best to let a guy live in his delusion and not bring home the reality that he is bad kisser. The only thing you will accomplish is get him really “pissed” off with you.

6 – You are so girlish

Men hate to be called “girlish”, it’s a deep insult to their manhood. Many girls try to be funny and call their boyfriend “girlish” without realizing that the guy is going to hurt bad, even if he does not reveal it.

7 – I am too busy to talk

Even if you are really busy, don’t say this to your boyfriend. Even the most “understanding” guy is bound to flinch when his girlfriend says she is too busy to talk. Relationships go bad over small things like this.

8 – You have a small…

Guys are very touchy about their size down there. So be very careful about your comments on it. Everything you say about it best be positive. Most girls make the mistake of making a guy conscious of his “sexual” prowess, by saying something negative when they are miffed or “unsatisfied”. By doing so, you are will only create “performance” pressure in a guy.

9 – You are a bad driver

Most guys are very touchy about their driving skills. Here again, every guy believes that he is a “great” driver. So be very careful about your comments on his driving skills.

10 – I love “so and so” (famous guy)

Guys hate their girlfriend going “puppy eyed” about an actor, or some media star. To swoon over “Brad Pitt” while in the company of your boyfriend is going to make him resent you, especially if he has a possessive nature – which most guys have.

Many girls fail to understand the “ego” aspect of a male nature. More relationships would be successful if a girl is willing to make “allowances” for her boyfriend’s, or husband’s, male ego which is bound to show up every now and then. It’s so easy to “unknowingly” trample on a guy’s ego. The worst part is that the guy with a hurt ego is bound to feel “resentment” towards you no matter how much he loves you.


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