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Tide Pod Challenge: Dangerous New Challenge Is Taking Over Social Media

Tide Pod Challenge: Dangerous New Challenge Is Taking Over Social Media

Tide pod Challenge: A dangerous new challenge is taking over social media.

Teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouths as a challenge which is really serious. Tide detergent pods are dangerous chemicals meant to clean clothes and should not be ingested.

First there are warnings for kids thinkin this little laundry pods as candy and to keep them out of reach.

Now dangerous online challenge has teens eating them, showing laundry pods as pizza toppings, mixed to look like cereal, and even people taking a bite out of them all on camera.

tide pod challenge dangerous to kids

The online challenges are all over social media, They may seem like a joke but the teens are taking it seriously.

According to Dr. Manuel Manjun of Urgent 9 Urgent Care Center. “I think it’ very dangerous. No one should be playing around with or even eating these pods ever.”

“They’re going to cause irritation and burns in the mouth, [continuing] from throat into the esophagus, all the way down to the stomach that can cause some poison effects as well could cause some severe nausea and vomiting you could end up hospital that’s for sure.

Tide, the laundry pods maker release a statement through their representative, Matthew Worminton said. “Our Laundry pacs are highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes… they should not be played with, whatever the circumstances is, even if meant as a joke.”

And Dr. Manjun says ”It is never a joke. And what older kids do, the little ones will most likely soon to follow. So for parents, be very careful, and it is really important to talk to your kids about this stuff.”

Last year poison control center across the United States had over 10,000 calls of children that consumed under 5 these pods and had serious reaction.

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