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Viral video of female cyclist’s retribution on catcallers inside a van may not be what it seems

Viral video of female cyclist’s retribution on catcallers inside a van may not be what it seems

Caught on camera, a female cyclist pounds a satisfactory revenge on duo builder men driving a van after persistently catcalled by them.

The 19 second viral clip has been getting attention and was rapidly shared all over social media, shows the woman chasing after a commercial van and educating the builder men a lesson they’ll most likely never forget.

The trending clip was apparently recorded in London streets on a GoPro camera attached to a biker’s helmet.

It shows the unidentified woman chasing and then ripping off the van’s side mirror to carry out her vengeance.

The cyclist was captured waiting at a traffic signal when one of the men inside the van can be seen harassing her and rudely asking if she wants their mobile number.

The woman, now obviously annoyed, tells the men to go away and even hits the side mirror of the van in protest.

“That’s not very ladylike, is it?” one of the men tells her. “What charm school did you go to?” he adds.

At one point they even ask if she is on her period.

Once the light turns green, the van races off but the woman clearly doesn’t seem to want to let them go free.

She’s seen pedaling after the van and taking her revenge.

“That’s exactly what you deserve, you scum!” the biker can be heard telling the men.

One version of the video has collected over 160K views on YouTube in just 13 hours.

The video was also posted on Reddit and has collected hundreds of comments so far.

Some people ask if the video is staged. “Seems fake… why blur the license plate and faces?” one Redditor asks.

Many others have praised the cyclist. “Beautiful. Bless you miss,” says a commenter.

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