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10 of the Most Useful Renewable Energy Sources

10 of the Most Useful Renewable Energy Sources

Through the years, the search for sources of energy is mankind’s most prioritized objective. Many have succeeded in finding a substitute on the existing types of energy we use today but they are non-renewable and in due time will become inadequate.

For example, fossil fuels are very good source of energy, but non-renewable, eventually it will be insufficient and might lead to environmental damage.

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.” – Ralph Nader, Loose Talk

It may lead to different types of pollution and might have bad effect on global warming. Let us familiarize and give you basic understanding on the top 10 lists of existing renewable sources of energy today. Also, we are aiming to successfully enlighten you in knowing the benefits we can get from it.

10 – Nuclear

Nuclear energy can be obtained through the process of nuclear fission. Power or energy was extracted from atomic nuclei by the use of controlled nuclear reactions. There are more than 400 nuclear power reactors in the world which are operating in more than thirty (30) countries.

9 – Wave

This type of renewable water energy is from ocean surface waves. But wave energy is a bit difficult to harness due to these factors: ocean wave direction and the ocean itself, nature is beyond our control.

Wave farms are developed and these power systems use a floating buoyed device that can generate energy through mechanical movement or snake-like motion.

8 – Radiant

Radiant energy does not have the behaviors of electricity but it can perform the same wonder. This can be harnessed from the environment and extracted by means of fractionation.

In Switzerland, there are some working models of this radiant energy wherein their devices are tapped; these are Nikola Tesla’s magnifying transmitter, T. Henry Moray’s radiant energy device, Edwin Gray’s EMA motor, and Paul Baumann’s Testatika.

7 – Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth but it is not naturally a gas, it is always combined with other elements. It should be separated from other elements first before it can be used as fuel.

This element is considered as one with the most incredible potential fuel and energy source. It can be used in transportation, in generating electricity and even a replacement for natural gas which is used in heating or cooking.

6 – Biomass

Biomass energy includes wood, food crops, plants, agricultural and forestry wastes, organic components from industrial waste and methane gas from landfills. Processed or harvested biomass energy can be used for fuel transportation, in producing electricity even in cooking.

Some of them are used in manufacturing products; biomass can be a substitute to fossil fuels, which is non-renewable.

5 – Hydropower

Another type of renewable source of energy is water, and thanks to the continuous process of evaporation and precipitation. Again, the sun is the primary factor as it helps in evaporating water. When water evaporates, it condenses, as a result rainclouds will form and precipitation will occur. Flowing water rushes to the rivers going to the ocean, producing powerful downstream.

This downstream of water when captured by machines such as turbines, generators and other hydro power systems which make no use of a dam or other water diversion will generate energy or electricity.

4 – Wind

Movement of air was caused by the sun’s heat. Wind is produced when warm air rises and cooler air will rush to replace it, as we all know warm air is lighter than cold air. This energy has been utilized even the earlier times, people use it to sail ships and to dive windmills when they have to grind grain.

Today, wind turbines are developed to produce electricity and they are typically connected to the local power transmission network to provide electricity to isolated areas. These wind farms are installed on agricultural land or grazing areas and some are located near the ocean wherein the wind is really blowing strong.

3 – Tidal

Tidal energy is a very unique one, it does not just rely on the sun’s contribution but also with the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull attracts the ocean, then waves were formed due to this dynamic force. This principle makes it more known as the Earth-Moon system. This kind of energy can be harnessed by the use of tidal stream generators.

Environment-friendly, this is one of the major factors why stream generators were built. These generators are similar to wind turbines but it relies on the force of moving dense water.

2 – Geothermal

Energy can be obtained by drilling and tapping from the Earth’s internal heat. Geothermal energy can be obtained from deep the Earth’s surface and it can be harnessed even in a small scale application such as providing heat on a residential unit. There are geothermal reservoirs underneath which produces steam and hot water that can be used to power generators, and by the use of other controlled processes, electricity can be produced.

Most of geothermal plants nowadays are located from geysers, mountains and inactive volcanoes; those are the best spots in acquiring steam. There are already more than twenty (20) countries around the world that generates geothermal electricity and more countries are beginning toa evaluate and develop potential sites.

1 – Solar

This is considered as the most powerful source of energy. Because of sunlight, many forms of renewable energy are formed even if it affects them directly or indirectly. The next forms of renewable energy that will be discussed will make clear to us how it happens. But, solar energy alone has lots of uses, that includes heating, cooling homes or buildings, lighting and even in generating electricity (e.g. solar panels/photovoltaic solar power).

New technologies are developing for harnessing the sun’s energy making it more efficient, flexible, transportable and easy to install.

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