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6 Beautiful Pergola Design Plans for Your Home

6 Beautiful Pergola Design Plans for Your Home

A pergola is a structure your house needs, not just because of aesthetic purposes, but also for practical needs.

It provides homeowners with shade from the sun and protection from the rain. It beautifies your outdoor space because of the way you can customize it.

Cover for Hot Tub

pergola - Cover for Hot Tub

Some homeowners have a hot tub outdoors because of the cold winters and the humid summers. They want to have somewhere to chill in outdoors despite the temperature.

A pergola enables you to achieve this goal regardless of the season. Have one built outside of your home to protect the hot tub and to allow air to circulate.

Turn Your Garage into a Getaway

pergola - Turn Your Garage into a Getaway

A homeowner in New York managed to turn an open deck into a sanctuary. The owner had a pergola built over the walkway to her house.

She used a wide-beam as the base of the structure and the beam installed on top of it had ornamental cuts. She can relax in the new covered walkway or dine out with friends or family.

Small Enclosure

pergola - Small Enclosure

A homeowner in State College, Pa. decided to build a pergola to enclose the space of her outdoor kitchen. She bought a 20×20 foot pergola online and did the work on her own.

She did a good job of enclosing her outdoor space where she could enjoy a beer or glass of wine, and cook in her outdoor kitchen.

Respite from the Rain

pergola - Respite from the Rain

One of the practical uses of a pergola is that it acts as cover during rain. You can have one built or build one on your own in your backyard. You can put the pergola over your picnic or dining spot whenever you retreat to your backyard.

Floating Deck with Pergola Over It

Floating Deck with Pergola Over

A floating backyard deck might be one of the projects on your mind. It gives that space a distinct look and a space where you can dine in, rest, and relax. The pergola beautifies the floating deck and provides a practical use such as shade or cover.

These are some pergola design ideas you can implement in your own garden and backyard. Mix and match these creative ways to build a pergola until you find a look that is perfect for your home.

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