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Try These Ideal Pergola Designs for Your Garden

Try These Ideal Pergola Designs for Your Garden

Your home is like a sanctuary after a busy and hectic day at work. One of the places you can rest and leave your worries behind is the garden.

Adding a pergola to it extends the time you can spend outdoors while protecting you from the wind, rain and sun.

You can have it attached or detached to your home. It consists of different parts such as posts, rafters and beams. If you want to have one built for your house, here are some design ideas to consider.

Transition of Outdoor and Indoor Space

Pergola design ideas - Bernard Andre Meridith Baer Home

© Bernard Andre Meridith Baer Home

If you want to have a smooth transition from the dining area to the backyard or terrace, this pergola design might be just what you need.

Removing the doors and walls of spaces in your house, and installing a pergola over the area creates an indoor/outdoor transition. This allows air to circulate easily and makes a space appear bigger than it actually is.

Cedar and Barn Look

Pergola design ideas - Sweet Pea Design

© Sweet Pea Design

This pergola design brings a natural and vintage appearance to your patio. The reclaimed barn wood trimming streamlines the look of the pergola.

The natural cedar material grays over the years and is a perfect complement to an old-fashioned home.

Outdoor Dining

Pergola design ideas - Nathaniel Cooper

© Nathaniel Cooper

If your garden or open space has two outside walls, you can have a pergola built between them.

You can grow some plants and vines up the walls to create a distinct look and atmosphere. Place comfortable chairs and a table under the pergola for an outdoor dining area.

Light Filter

Pergola design ideas - Tom Olcott

© Tom Olcott

A pergola can do many things for your garden some of which include protection from rain, sun and wind, and provide you with extra outdoor space to lounge or dine in.

It can also act as a light filter, depending on how you want it built. The spaces of the pergola allow light to pass through during different times of the day.

Add Shades

Pergola design ideas - Dian Garbarini

© Dian Garbarini

Some homeowners use slats for their pergola. Deviate from this norm by using shading panels instead.

This provides some protection from the sun, but also creates a filtered shade. The panels are also easy to clean once they get dirty.

Modern Vibe

Pergola design ideas - Dale Alocock-Homes

© Dale Alocock-Homes

Who says you have to settle for the urban jungle’s drab and dreary look? Style up your outdoor space with a pergola to match the concrete of your home. Install transparent panels to allow some light to get through.

These are some of the pergola design ideas you can implement. A pergola is a diverse structure that allows you to give it your personal style.

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