5 Fancy Handmade Wooden Wall Art Ideas You Should Try

5 Fancy Handmade Wooden Wall Art Ideas You Should Try

A home has different parts that contribute to its overall beauty. Small details can bring out the best in an open space, intimate room or ordinary walls.

One design idea that costs less but can beautify your house is installing wooden wall art. These can be intricate pieces or a combination of random things.

Here are some wooden wall art ideas you might want to consider.

Combination of Random Items

wood art ideas - Combination of Random Items


If you have an eye for the quirky yet eye-catching, you can make your wall stand out by combining a handful of random items into a work of art.

These can be souvenirs you picked up during your trips, items you commonly use or things you grew up using. You can attach these onto a wooden board and hang it on your wall.

Put Together Sliced Wood

wood art ideas - Put Together Sliced Wood


One of the unique ways to make your wall look artsy is to hang up a collage of sliced wood. Chop, refine and varnish different types of wood and glue them together on a clean board.

You can have these painted or leave them with that varnished look for a natural appearance.

Use Reclaimed Wood to Make a Unique Sculpture

wood art ideas - Use Reclaimed Wood to Make a Unique Sculpture


As the old saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Use reclaimed wood and paint various pieces with different colors. Put these together to form a distinct work of art you can hang on your wall.

Uneven pieces give the work an eye-catching character.

Abstract Art with Driftwood

wood art ideas - Abstract Art with Driftwood


Who would’ve thought that driftwood can be material for art? Pick up a few pieces you see and bring them home. Clean them, varnish or even paint them.

Connect the pieces to each other smaller pieces of wood, chains or other material. Then hang or attach the finished product on your wall.

Use Pallet Wood to Make a Landscape

wood art ideas - Use Pallet Wood to Make a Landscape


Gather pieces of pallet wood and cut them into different pieces to fit inside a wooden frame. Put the wood in place so that they form a mountain inside the frame.

You can then paint them or have them varnished to make it look like a stunning landscape.

These are just a handful of wooden wall art ideas you can use to beautify your home. Try these and see if they match the interior design of your house.

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