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    8 Beautiful Backyard Fencing Ideas For Your Home

    Fences have the power to make or break your property's curb appeal. Fence walls are no longer just used to secure space and mark boundaries; they are also commonly used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design, or as the focal point of your frontage. It is import...

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    10 Dumbest & Stupidest Cartoon Characters – TV & Films

    top dumb cartoon characters always10

    Lets talk about some of the dumbest cartoon characters on TV. I know you got your own list, but since I am the author I will be posting some of mine, I ranked them based on my observation of how dumb or stupid they are. There are too many to mention, since cartoon is usually made to be dumb...

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    10 Greatest Jewish Warriors of All Time – World Religion

    top 10 jewish warriors

    The military power of the modern State of Israel is acknowledged worldwide, even by its enemies. The ranks of the Israel Defense Forces have produced extraordinary warriors like Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabin, Yonatan Netanyahu, and many others. But few realize that the Jewish people n...

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    Granny Norma dubbed as Britain’s oldest rapper in the viral ambulance video

    Granny Norma dubbed as Britain’s oldest rapper while in ambulance

    She was on her way to the hospital for severe nose bleeding yet Norma Clarke, 78, surprised the medics when she unexpectedly started rapping. Cool Granny Norma is already a great grandmother to five great grandkids – and is possibly the oldest rapper in Britain or perhaps even the world! Soci...

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    10 of the World’s Unbelievably Heaviest People in History

    Big fat ass... thats the way it is, aren't I? But what would you do if you're one of these guys...We all know that obesity is simply not good for health and invites many diseases. There are people with weight of 100 kg to 200 kg. But, have you heard of somebody weighing over 500 kg and living their...

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    16 Funny Cat Posts on Tumblr are taking over Internet for some time now

    Fake news or not - Somewhere in the history of the internet, cats became its God? Concurrently aloof, hilarious and kind of weird, cats seemed to be the natural preference as the web’s unofficial mascot. From singing cat to keyboard cat, our feline companions were spreading steadily everywher...

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    10 of the Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

    Akhal-Teke - rare horse breed

    Which rare horse breed is your favorite? Is it the exquisitely stunning Akhal-Teke or the ingenious color design of Knabstrupper? Or do you even know one? There are so little variety of rare horse breeds that it would take an enormous amount of fortune to get a hand at them. We will help you sele...

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    10 of the Probable Reasons Why People Commits a Crime

    top 10 reasons why commit crime

    Crime is a terminology which pertains to wrong doings or misconduct prohibited by the Law. It is certainly among the list of world's most well-known social dilemmas and basically one of the topics that interest almost everybody to some extent. Criminal behaviors are a matter of personal choice. Almo...

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    Funny Replies you get when you do Pokémon quotes on Grindr

    shaun kitchener on grindr viral

    What do you do when you take a break from work? Do you go call your parents, siblings or friends to check on them? Do you just sip some great-tasting coffee, chill on your iTunes playlist, and just unwind? Or do you make each break fun and take yourself away from the routine stuff that you usually g...

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    10 of the Most Beautiful Doves and Pigeons in the World

    most beautiful doves and pigeons in the world

    These doves and pigeons of a feather would make the most beautiful flock ever. For this list, we are embarking on a global pigeon-watching venture. And while beauty is not just skin or feather deep that is what we are looking for. Sure, there are so many pigeons and doves that have incredibl...

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    Estonian Artist Carve Spectacular Dragon Bench Using Chainsaw

    If you’re an avid "Game of Thrones" fan, or a loves to play Final Fantasy to “Dungeons & Dragons” game, you’re most likely have a soft spot for anything and everything related to dragon. What’s more? Sitting on a bench carved to look like a fierce dragon is wood art lover’s dream come true! Esto...

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    10 of the Most Interesting Disney Princess Facts

    disney princesses complete

    The Disney Princesses are loved by all generations. Their popularity can be, in part, attributed by the time and dedication put in by the Disney team. The Disney Princesses are a controversial bunch in spite of seeming rather mild and have been attributed to causing many a psychological issue! Love...

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    Spice Up your Staircases with these Awesome Design Ideas

    The staircase serves a practical use for homeowners; however, despite this fact, there are ways to make it look better. The stairs are one detail among many, but for interior design to work, every feature plays a role. The stairs are one aspect of a room that can add to its overall appearance an...

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    Man Takes Internet by Storm as He Clears Snow Wearing Only Shorts and Gloves!

    It’s 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.8 degrees Celsius) outside but one guy in Wausau, Wisconsin did not seem affected by the cold weather as he cleared the snow from his yard while wearing nothing but shorts and gloves! Where’s your top, man? Dad of four Patrick Schmidt definitely took the internet by...

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    World’s Most Amazing Bridges

    One of the best engineering marvels ever built are the bridges. It connects one place to another, making people to go to the places easier and faster. Transportation both in land and water became easier too because of these infrastructures. But engineers and designers do not stop using their creativ...

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    Cake Decorated by Worker with Autism Photo goes viral

    Cake Decorated by Worker with Autism viral photo

    While you would expect a popular cake to look so grand and beautiful, a recent viral cake from a Michigan supermarket went viral for the opposite reason but the story is not really terrible – it is actually wonderful! Netizen Lisa Aldrich narrated that she went to Meijer, a supermarket in Michiga...

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    10 of the World’s Hardest Wood Species

    When it comes to building any structure made of wood, the kind of material used for the construction is crucial in ensuring the durability of the thing or building being made. The kind of wood used for the construction often dictates the beauty of the final piece and how long it would last, even...

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    10 of the Hollywood’s Tech Savvy Stars, One of the best websites I usually check every time I need an updated list. I might say that they have been in my top 100 best websites I trusted and today I would like to share some post from them.Most of us love gadgets and technology is our friend. From Teeny to Gramps, people can't d...

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    10 of the Worst Man-made Disasters in the World

    top 10 worst man made disaster in the world

    Though natural disasters can do much damage and devastation, some of the worst disasters in history have been caused by us - people. Some are accidental. Some are speculated to be the work of government conspiracy. Moreover, the repetition of disaster types supports the dispute that humans have fail...

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    9 amazing uses of potatoes that you probably never thought of

    Harvest Potato

    Mankind can’t probably survive without potatoes. With its ability to complement almost any kind of foods and dishes, it’s pretty much a “must have” for each and every kitchen nowadays. Its importance to human race is also highlighted in Matt Damon’s film “The Martian” where potatoes saved the life o...

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    7 Creative Indoor and Outdoor Decking Design Ideas

    A beautiful home is all about attention to detail; the deck of your house is just one aspect of it. However, its appearance has an effect on the overall look of your home’s exteriors and interiors. The decking also has a functional use that maintains the temperature of your house throughout the...

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    Dutch couple’s Lewd act wedding photo goes viral, everyone went nuts!

    Everyone went nuts after stumbling upon this wedding photo. At first look, this wedding image of a recently wedded couple appears to demonstrate the combine lacking both tolerance, impatience, and the dread of having discovered. The couple in their wedding dress has seemingly run off from the...

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    Fastest Cars in the World

    World's Fastest Cars

    Fastest cars - Speed is power! This is true when we talk about braking records which all the super car manufacturers, developers, designers and even race car or test car drivers aim for. Man’s insatiability in extending the capabilities of a machine’s speed and performance is really unstoppable. Of...

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    Meet the World’s Dangerously Hot & Sexiest Criminals

    hot-criminals in the world

    They are the most unlikely people to gain positive media attention, yet netizens do not seem to mind that these hot guys and girls are criminals because, well, they look gorgeous and ultra-hot in their mugshot photos! Jeremy Meeks Although he previously served 9 years in prison for grand theft...

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    World’s Most Popular Dinosaur Fossils Discovered

    Who would have thought that dinosaurs lived in this planet? Giant lizards roaming around, some were flying, some were predators, some are gigantic and some are as small as a pigeon. Even at early times, paleontologists cannot believe that these prehistoric creatures existed. They even make a mis...

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    Viral Photo: Rain-Drenched Dad Holding Umbrella Over Son

    daddy drench rain holding umbrella to son viral online

    We all know just how much dads are willing to sacrifice for their kids. It could be in little things like giving up his dessert for a child who wanted more or something as huge as giving up his life so his children could live. That’s a given, really; dads will do anything for their kids! Stil...

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    World’s ‘Well-Known’ Martial Arts

    martial arts

    Nowadays, mixed martial arts fighting are becoming more and more popular. Also because of being exposed on it, we are becoming familiar with different fighting styles. Different fighters around the globe have been demonstrating various combat fighting techniques, showing hand-to-hand combats, attack...

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    Best Football Players Today

    Lionel Messi for Adidas

    The world of football is fraught with stiff competition, scandals, scoring records, heartbreaking loses, and championship games for the ages. This list breaks down the 10 of the best football superstars in the world that ever stepped on the football field. Each player was gauged based on impact and...

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    Viral: J. E. Johnson Elementary School’s Innovative Math Competition

    fast-dash math competition viral

    Mathematics is unarguably one of the least favorite subjects taught across all school levels. Teachers must find a way to make the lessons more interesting just to ensure that the kids get to learn their numbers without hating the subject for life. After all, Math also has some of the most c...

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