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    7 of the World’s Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Landscapes you must Visit

    Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

    The world is a huge and diverse place; you’ll always add destinations to your bucket list as soon as your eye catches another beautiful landscape a friend told you about or one you saw online. Here are some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes that will make you pack your bags and go. Igu...

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    10 Greatest Jewish Warriors of All Time – World Religion

    top 10 jewish warriors

    The military power of the modern State of Israel is acknowledged worldwide, even by its enemies. The ranks of the Israel Defense Forces have produced extraordinary warriors like Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabin, Yonatan Netanyahu, and many others. But few realize that the Jewish people n...

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    10 Dumbest & Stupidest Cartoon Characters – TV & Films

    top dumb cartoon characters always10

    Lets talk about some of the dumbest cartoon characters on TV. I know you got your own list, but since I am the author I will be posting some of mine, I ranked them based on my observation of how dumb or stupid they are. There are too many to mention, since cartoon is usually made to be dumb...

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    10 of the Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

    Akhal-Teke - rare horse breed

    Which rare horse breed is your favorite? Is it the exquisitely stunning Akhal-Teke or the ingenious color design of Knabstrupper? Or do you even know one? There are so little variety of rare horse breeds that it would take an enormous amount of fortune to get a hand at them. We will help you sele...

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    Viral Social Experiment exposes Dangers of Social Media to Young Ones

    social expirement viral sexual predetors

    Gone are those days where true human to human interact socially – bringing social media to the front row also makes our life better; Sharing the latest news or just keeping in touch with friends and relatives has been much easier these days. Having instant connections to everyone in a fly also co...

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    10 of the World’s Unbelievably Heaviest People in History

    Big fat ass... thats the way it is, aren't I? But what would you do if you're one of these guys...We all know that obesity is simply not good for health and invites many diseases. There are people with weight of 100 kg to 200 kg. But, have you heard of somebody weighing over 500 kg and living their...

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    Know the Best Stories from Underworld: Is Hell Real?

    What tail the word ‘hell’ are connotations limited with the evil forces, darkness and all things negative. I am not saying that these aren’t true. It’s just that there are stories in hell that are not focused on the darkness that it exudes. Allow me to enumerate several stories that you migh...

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    5 Fancy Handmade Wooden Wall Art Ideas You Should Try

    etsy wood art listing image

    A home has different parts that contribute to its overall beauty. Small details can bring out the best in an open space, intimate room or ordinary walls. One design idea that costs less but can beautify your house is installing wooden wall art. These can be intricate pieces or a combination of r...

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    15+ of the Most Popular Internet Memes of the Decade

    Success Kid Meme

    Going viral and spreading on the internet has never been so easy. Today we're listing down our picks for the top internet memes of the decade. To start with, what is a Meme? Wikipedia says it's an idea behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme can be anything...

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    15+ of Most Incredibly Realistic 3D Tattoo Collection

    best 3d tattoos

    Our reasons for getting tattoos typically changes over time. Originally, we regularly get tattoos that hold meaning behind them. It’s not unusual to feel that the more ink we get, the less monumental each session is. For some, getting tattooed becomes second nature. Many times, people get inked t...

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    List of Best Printers for 2022

    The best printers provide convenient printing options for all your documents, photos, and other hardcopies, but selecting the right one can be challenging. Whether you need basic document printing for homework assignments, high-quality photo printing for framed portraits, or something that can handl...

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    The Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2022

    We're almost to the end of 2021, and we've seen a lot of fantastic phones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series kicked off the year, with three phones that have so far been among the greatest and most popular of the year. They were followed by the OnePlus 9 lineup, as well as the stunning Xiaomi Mi 11 l...

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    Construction Projects that took Time to Finish

    top 10 amazing construction takes time

    Before, there was only limited construction equipment. However, this limitation has not prevented architects and engineers to build amazing skyscrapers, towers and the likes. Let us all take a look at the most ambitious construction projects made without the use (or with a little use) of constru...

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    Google Rolls Out New Updates on Analytics Data Retention and General Data Protection

    A lot of bloggers and page administrators have received an email from Google regarding the new updates that would be rolled on regarding data retention on Google Analytics as well as compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – but many are confused what to do next. But if you re...

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    10 of the Creepiest Places on Earth you should Visit

    creepiest places in the world

    The Earth is filled with mysterious places – both manmade and natural. To date, there are still lots of places across the world which have not been fully explored because of their location. However, there are also lots of places that have been abandoned by humans and have become so creepy tha...

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    10 of the Most Delectable Filipino Native Delicacies

    Filipino native delicacies, known as kakanin, are popular snack foods that are usually served as merienda or desserts. Kakanin are native delicacies made of malagkit (glutinous rice), which comes in two varieties: the first-class variety that is sweet, rounded and white and the regular variety t...

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    10 of the World’s Hardest Wood Species

    When it comes to building any structure made of wood, the kind of material used for the construction is crucial in ensuring the durability of the thing or building being made. The kind of wood used for the construction often dictates the beauty of the final piece and how long it would last, even...

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    10 of the Mindboggling Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet

    I'm always a big fan of because of their bizarre collection of odd things. It's also one of the website where I pick articles to post when I'm out of something to write to. Today, I choose their animal bizarre category. It's always sad when a beloved pet dies. However, there are more ways...

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    X-Rays Uncover a Hidden Lady in Coubert’s “The Wounded Man” Painting

    Gustave Coubert - The Wounded Man - xray truth revealed

    Gustave Coubert’s “L’Homme Blessé” or “The Wounded Man” painting currently under exhibit at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris does not really hold a lot of mysteries the way it looks now. The painting merely depicts a wounded man, as the title suggests, with a sword lying on his side. It is possible...

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    10 of the World’s Heaviest Wood Species

    When it comes to doing projects making use of wood, whether large-scale home building or restorations to minute sculptures, the kind of wood used as material for the construction or making of that structure determines a lot of things in the outcome, including how the object or building will actually...

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    25 of the Aww-some and Cutest Baby Animal Pictures You’ll Find Online

    Which Baby Animals look cute? It’s like a universal truth: we, humans find baby animals more cute and pleasing to look at than their parents. It is a well-known phenomenon frequently exploited in marketing. Their big eyes gaze at us as we become drawn, often affectionately and smiling, to their...

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    Hair-Rasing Urban Legends about Sleep

    You’ve probably heard some of the urban legends about sleep, which can make it hard to fall asleep at night or at least contribute to some disturbing nightmares. The mysteries surrounding our nighttime habits such as dreaming can take on terrifying dimensions when lying in bed in the dark. Let’s unc...

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    19 Beautiful and Creative Garden Decking Ideas

    The best-looking and most useful decks - you should add more than just interest; think about what you want your yard to do as well. Adjoining will allow you to spend more time outside in all seasons. For various decking options, like wood, lookalike, more environmentally friendly composites, and...

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