Turkish pilot viral over imitating ‘Salt Bae’ moves as he drops a bomb on ISIS camp

Turkish pilot viral over imitating ‘Salt Bae’ moves as he drops a bomb on ISIS camp

The pilot was part of the campaign of war against terrorists when he performed controversial move.

A Turkish pilot was captured on camera imitating a Salt-Bae-like move became viral although allegedly “dropping a bomb on ISIS” while over Syria.

A Screencap from the video footage appears to show a pilot making the ‘salt bae’ gesture with his fingers while reportedly dropping a bomb in northern Syria.

‘Salt Bae’ is no other than Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish cook who became internet sensation when a clip of him sprinkling salt on a steak in a too extravagant manner, an instant hit on Instagram.

And now, his signature move was replicated by the pilot who is supposedly a part of the Euphrates Shield assault on terror.

As seen in the viral video, the said pilot gestured his arm in the same style as Gokce and act as if splashes salt as he allegedly flew over Syria, reported by Hurryiet Daily News.

It is stated that at the time of the video was taken, the pilot is caught dropping a bomb in a mission to capture al-Bab in the north of Syria.

Salt Bae rose to fame last January and since then his move has been mimicked by several people online, even popular celebrities.

Back at the end of January, Leonardo DiCaprio took a trip to the Turkish chief’s restaurant in Dubai, where he meet face-to-face with Gökçe and ask to season his steak for him.

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Gokce later shared the photos on Instagram and guess what? The internet turned into frenzy.

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