Man in coma for weeks suddenly wake up after his dog’s visit

Man in coma for weeks suddenly wake up after his dog’s visit

Even the doctors are quite surprised with his response and improvement!

You surely already heard lots of stories about dogs saving the lives of their owners. There are also stories of dogs cheering up people when they are feeling sad, down and lonely.

There are also viral videos of cute dogs dancing and exercising along with their human friends.

The ability of dogs to interact positively with their human is the exact reason why they are oftentimes used for medical purposes.

And this story of an Italian man who falls into coma for weeks is an amazing proof of their amazing capabilities.

73-year-old Giovanni Del Sere and his dog Nancy are the best of friends. They do a lot of fun things together and after years of friendship, they become inseparable.

But things suddenly changed after Giovanni suffered a heart attack and was confined for weeks in a local hospital.

Giovanni slip into a coma and showed no improvement at all despite the regular visits of his family and close friends.

Giovanni and Nancy

Nancy becomes so restless at home as she waits for her human friend to come home. Giovanni’s daughter, Deborah, noticed the dog’s sudden change of mood and behavior.

And as soon as she learned that the hospital where his father is currently confined allows pets, she immediately brought Nancy to Giovanni’s bedside.

Upon seeing Giovanni, Nancy began barking and started licking his old pale face. It’s like she’s telling him that that she misses his presence so much.

But what’s more amazing with their reunion is the reaction on Gioavanni’s face.

For the first time in weeks since he slip into coma, his face registered a smile and showed some signs of life.

Giovanni, Deborrah and Nancy

The doctors who witnessed that moment are quite shocked at the reaction of Giovanni.

They weren’t expecting it at all but nonetheless, it’s a positive improvement that could greatly help in his recovery.

Deborah definitely thinks that Nancy’s presence created a positive impact on her father’s situation.

And because of this, she’s calling all hospitals to allow pets to visit their owners once in a while as they could be the instrument for their fast healing and recovery, just like what happened to her father.

via American Web Media, The Holidog Times

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