10 Dumbest & Stupidest Cartoon Characters – TV & Films

10 Dumbest & Stupidest Cartoon Characters – TV & Films

Lets talk about some of the dumbest cartoon characters on TV.

I know you got your own list, but since I am the author I will be posting some of mine, I ranked them based on my observation of how dumb or stupid they are.

There are too many to mention, since cartoon is usually made to be dumb because of its audience are children.

From the dumb to the dumbest I got my friend, Dustin’s list for top 10 lists of dumbest cartoon character.

Whats your list? Here’s mine:

Patrick Star ( Spongebob Squarepants)

Patrick Star

First appearance"Help Wanted"
Created byStephen Hillenburg
Voiced byBill Fagerbakke

I have nothing to say to this character, just watch the show. He out-dumbed even the dumbest like Ren and Stimpy, and he is more stupid than the word stupid itself.

Billy ( Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

BioWilliam "Billy"
First appearance"Meet the Reaper"
Last appearance"Underfist: Halloween Bash"
OccupationStudent at Endsville Elementary
RelativesGladys (mother), Harold (father), Aunt Sis (paternal aunt), Nergal (paternal uncle via marriage), Nergal Jr. (first cousin), Jeff the spider ("son"), Del Uglio (Perhaps long lost twin brother).

This kid is the dumbest on Cartoon Network today, he is known to be an airhead and the boy who picks his nose using Grim’s Death Scythe. He is one of the reasons why Grims’ life on the living is much worse than living in hell.

Cosmo ( Fairly Odd Parents)

Cosmo Fairly Odd Parents
Timmy’s God parent Cosmo is one dumb fairy, ask a wish from him and he will give you stupid results.

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Homer Simpson

Voiced byDan Castellaneta
OccupationSafety Inspector at theSpringfield Nuclear Power Plant, former Nuclear Technician
RelativesWife: Marge
Children:   Bart ,  Lisa  and Maggie
Parents:   Abraham  and Mona
Half-Siblings:   Herbert Powell  and  Abbie
(see also: Simpson family)
First appearance
Shorts"Good Night" (1987)
The Simpsons"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" (1989)

He is your typical dad, loves Beer, TV, Donuts, Beer, TV and… Donuts, but one thing separates him from most dad, is his stupidity.

Beavis ( Beavis and Butthead)

Beavis and Butthead

First appearance"Frog Baseball"
Last appearance"Going Down"
Created byMike Judge
Voiced byMike Judge
Fry cook at Burger World

A looser most of his life, Beavis is one hilarious cartoon character, together with his buddy Butthead they create one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

Their goal in life is just simple, watch TV and score some girls.

Feed him too much sugar and he will become ‘Corn Holio’ an alter ego of Beavis that demands a TV for his Bung hole, dung hole, whatever!.

Spongebob Squarepants


First appearance"Help Wanted"
Created byStephen Hillenburg
Voiced byTom Kenny
SpeciesSea sponge
OccupationFry cook  at the  Krusty Krab
RelativesParents: Harold and Margaret SquarePants
Grandparents : Grandpa and Grandma SquarePants
Uncles : Sherm, Cap'n Blue and five unnamed aunts/uncles
Cousins : Todd, Stanley and BlackJack
Grandchildren: Unnamed grandson
Ancestors: Primitive Sponge
SpongeBuck SquarePants

Bikini Bottoms’ fun loving sponge creature is one of the dumbest, he always gets into trouble.

He loves Jelly fishing, doing pranks, frying crabby patty, and annoys his neighbor Squidward.

He can be easily fooled, you can tell him Santa exist and he will believe you.

Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons)

Ralph Wiggum

Voiced byNancy Cartwright
OccupationStudent at Springfield Elementary School. 2008 presidential candidate endorsed by both parties.
RelativesParents:   Clancy  and  Sarah
Grandparents:  Iggy Wiggum
First appearance
The Simpsons"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

He is retarded, and funny. Ralph may not be one of the main characters on the Simpson series, for me he is one of the funniest.

Team Rocket (Pokemon adventures)

team rocket

TypeCriminal organization
LocationKanto, Johto, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands, Unova, Kalos
Key peopleGiovanni (leader)
PurposeTo steal/illicitly capture and use Pokémon for profit and in plans for world domination
TechnologiesCloning, advanced technology most likely acquired through illegal means.
PowersPowerful Pokémon

Prepare for trouble, make it double, these guys is the true definition of loosing streak. They always lose and never get tired to try again , giving up is not in their vocabulary.

Dee dee (Dexter’s Laboratory)

Dee dee

AliasesPrincess Dee Dee, Stupid Sister, Blockhead, Golden Haired Angel, Pink Pussy Willow, Racer D, Diva Dynamite, Deestructa, Old Gal Dee Dee
FamilyDexter (Brother) 
Mom (Mother) 
Dad (Father) 
Grandpa (Maternal grandfather) 
Fergle O'Reilly (Maternal uncle) 
Dextamina (Great-aunt)
OccupationBallet Dancer, Student
InterestsPony Puff Princess, Ballet, Dexter's Lab
First AppearanceChanges
Voiced ByAllison Moore (season 1)
Kat Cressida (season 2)
Allison Moore (season 3)
Kat Cressida (season 4)

The annoying sister of Dexter always gets him on trouble and even destroying his whole lab.

She has the exact opposite of Dexter’s brain, no matter what Dexter says she won’t ever listen, even the simplest like ‘do not touch the red button’.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

I should have put her higher than number 10, because she is not just dumb, she is also annoying, stupid, and stupid.

I hate it when she looks for something that is just in front of her, then ask the audience which way, even though the way is just in front of her!

Is she blind, lazy or just plain dumb. duhh!

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