Popular Science Myths Circulating Around Us

Popular Science Myths Circulating Around Us

(Myths and Reality) Science and technology are, without a doubt, two forces that will change the way you live your life in the coming months, years, and decades. Nanotechnology, quantum computing, genetic engineering; these and other fascinating fields have the power to revolutionize almost every aspect of existence, including how you eat and drink, how you communicate, how you travel, how you learn—even how long you live.

Despite its simplicity, however, most science evidence is a concept people have a hard time wrapping their minds around. The result is this take on the top 10 list of common science myths.

10 – The North Star is the brightest star in the sky

Well, commonly mistaken saying that Polaris or the North Star is the brightest star in the sky which in fact false. The brightest star visible second to the sun (The closest star to our solar system) is Sirius – the ‘Dog Star’.

9 – When chased by crocodiles, run in a zigzag pattern

Oh, I’m so going to laugh at this. Did you know that crocodiles rarely hunt on land? Their top land speed is around 10 mph, so making a zigzag or straight run pattern are just the same. You can still escape.

8 – The Great Wall of China can be seen from Space

great wall
The great wall may be very long, but it is not visible from space at all. In fact the only things visible from space (and during night time) are the lights from cities or populated area.

7 – Bulls hate color red

Bulls actually didn’t mind which color they are charge at. With the matadors, it’s the movement of the cloth that provokes them and makes them attack.

6 – Humans only use 10 percent of our brains

I ought to say that even one of my friends tell me about this straight in the face. But I have to say that this isn’t true of course when we talk about it scientifically. The fact is even in Neuroimaging devices reveal that even the basic memory drills result in a 35 percent of brain activity. Now that’s 25 percent off the mark.

5 – Shooting gas tank will blow up the car

gun shooting
Enough with your Hollywood movie obsession – OK, blame it to the lame directors, set designs or whoever it is that make this excuses. Well, shooting gas tank will blow up the car is true only in movies. In reality, bullets will either lodge themselves in the tank or pass straight through it. Next time be sure to ready a protest if one of this movies win Oscars which make me think that humanity is hopeless.

4 – Glass is Solid

glass ball
I might accept the fact that it is but then we are wrong. Glass is an amorphous solid which means that it actually flows very slowly. Proof is that why most stained glass windows are thicker at the bottom.

3 – Dropping a penny from empire state building can kill

empire state building
It might not even in a wicked ways you think of. Ideally, aerodynamics of a coin makes this idea impossible. The coin might cause a little sting rather than we being fatal.

2 – Lightning never strikes same place twice.

lightning strikes
In fact, it’s the opposite. Lightning commonly strikes same place twice either high buildings or tall trees. One proof is that the Empire State building is struck by lightning more than 100 times a year.

1 – No gravity in Space

Yeah, because one of the common and dumb reasons is that we float in space. Oh come on guys, Gravity is what keeps the earth orbits around the sun and satellites orbiting the earth. In fact, reason why we float is that the gravity is reduced by 10 percent at orbit height above the earth (250 Miles up).


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