Adorable Kindergartner’s Weather Forecast Takes the World by Storm

Adorable Kindergartner’s Weather Forecast Takes the World by Storm

He’s just 6 years old but when Carden Corts of Nashville, Tennessee made a weather forecast report project for school, it took the world by storm.

The adorable kid had to make a weather report for his class at Waverly Belmont Elementary School but because his dad Charlie was the head of operations for Rated Red, a digital video network, Carden was able to make the video more ‘legitimate’ so that the kid appears to be a meteorologist reporting live on TV.

Hello, Nashville! I’m your local weatherman, Carden Corts,” the adorable kid started the report.

Photo credit: Charlie Corts / YouTube

He did put a disclaimer ahead of the report, saying “I’m not an actual meteorologist.” Of course, it was obvious that he isn’t a real meteorologist but he’s quite adorable even with that portion of the report.

According to Carden, the segment was sponsored by the letter “C” and Pokemon cards. Cute. Then, with the help of his dad’s graphics skills, Carden proceeded to use a ‘weather simulator’ to show the different forms of weather – and we suspect that this was actually the project he’s supposed to make for school so they could learn more about the weather.

Photo credit: Charlie Corts / YouTube

The weather simulator was so ‘realistic’ that Carden was startled by the hurricane that blasted on the screen. He hurriedly pushed the button on the remote control he’s holding to change the weather; the screen quickly showed snow. But it was too cold for Carden; thus, he pushed the button again.

He acted so cool even with a tornado spinning in the background but was definitely excited when the weather simulator turned the background into a sunny one. Whew! He added more weather aspects before telling his viewers, “Warmer weather is on the way!

Photo credit: Charlie Corts / YouTube

But the little weatherman was more excited to announce the start of spring which means it was time for spring break! Then, he broke into a dance before ending his report.

His adorable weatherman stint and his silly dance earned him a spot on the internet as the newest viral star. Two days after his dad posted the video on YouTube, it has already gained over 870k views!

Check out Carden’s cute weather forecast here:

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