Watch Unbelievable Footage of Farmer’s Drone Herding Sheep

Watch Unbelievable Footage of Farmer’s Drone Herding Sheep

You won’t believe that the sheep in a farm somewhere in Carlow, Ireland, have a very unusual herder: a drone!

It is amazing how these sheep learned to follow the lead of the drone, making it easier for the farmer to lead them to the other side of the farm where they are supposed to go.

With the drone in command, there is no need for a sheepdog to herd these sheep! Though a new question comes to mind: are drones going to replace sheepdogs in a foreseeable future?

Well, the demonstration by Paul Brennan shows that this is possible, though I think many farmers would still prefer a real sheepdog over a drone.

If you still won’t believe a drone is capable of herding sheep, just watch this video by Brennan:

Brennan dubbed his drone as “SHEP, the World’s First Drone Sheepdog” but many farmers had already shared videos of their drones herding animals in their respective farms.

Now, you might say the drone is only handy with herding the sheep as was shown in the video but that is not the case.

Drones have been used to map out areas in the farm for various purposes, including finding greener spots for grazing animals.

Some farms also use drones to map the area for arable crops or to simply check on various areas in the land from time to time.

These useful gadgets can also help patrol the farm, allowing its owners to check out even the farthest portions of the farm for intruders or rustlers.

Of course, the drone does have its limits, such as being able to patrol the farm only when someone is operating it in the air yet you can imagine how easier it would be for the farm’s security team to protect the farm compared with needing to ride across the property if they did not have a drone.

It is clear that technology has made a lot of things easier for us, including the farmers whose huge expanse of lands might prove too hard to manage without the use of modern gadgets.

Now, you might say these farms have survived for a long time without modern gadgets such as drones.

Well, that is true!

Yet you must not also easily reject the fact that modern technology has done great wonders to these farms.

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