10 of the Craziest Inventions from China You Never Knew Existed

10 of the Craziest Inventions from China You Never Knew Existed

China is known for being the world’s biggest suppliers of goods: food, drinks, shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, appliances, electronic items, tools, etc.

Considering how many stuff originate from the country, we all know there are many great inventors in China, for sure.

However, there are some geniuses who just can’t stop at inventing useful stuff. Some think it would be nice to be one step ahead of the competition by doing something better or something that has never been built before.

This is where the crazy stuffs come in.

We’re listing here some of the craziest inventions from China.

The Noah’s Ark of China

The Noahs Ark of China
Would you be willing to live in a 6-ton giant ball to survive an apocalypse? Well, if that apocalypse happens, this ball of a house is the place to live in.

It can accommodate a family of 3, store food enough for 10 months, and is capable of withstanding impact, external heat, and water.

The downside to this invention by Yang Zongfu is that it is a boring-looking ball.

And the family of 3 who would be living there for 10 months, assuming they don’t go outside in those months because they are trying to survive the apocalypse, would be bored and might soon feel more trapped than saved.

A Circular Flying Device

Circular Flying Device
If this invention would ever fly the air, I am quite sure there would be reports of UFO sightings.

Thankfully, this flying device only managed to hover around 1 meter high for some 10 seconds during its most successful test flight.

Inventor Shu Mansheng hopes it could fly much higher and for a longer time, though, as it is powered by 8 motorcycle engines.

Submarine from Oil Barrels

Submarine from Oil Barrels
To save money, Tao Xiangli decided to use old oil barrels for his homemade submarines. However, we’re wondering how long he would last while crouched or lying inside this weird-looking contraption. But guess what? This is actually a fully functional submarine!

Improvised Street Sweeper

Improvised Street Sweeper
A total of twelve brooms were attached to this tractor so this man could sweep the streets of China. The question now is, where would all the trash he swept go?

It seems that he is creating more trash than getting any off the street.

Homemade Helicopter

Homemade Helicopter
Would you be willing to be a passenger in this homemade helicopter created by Wen Jiaquan? As for me, I would ride this thing if it only runs on land but would never agree to boarding it if the driver wants to fly.

The Smallest Car in the World

Smallest Car in the World
This might just be the smallest car in the world. Considering how on 1 liter of gasoline, you can already travel 100 km (62 miles), this might also be the most fuel-efficient.

However, judging by how it looks, it might also be the most dangerous, an accident waiting to happen. What do you think?

Fully Functional Robot

Fully Functional Robot
Tao Xiangli had this brilliant idea of building a fully functional robot. After just a few months, would you believe that he was actually able to build everything from scratch and had this robot that obeys his electronic commands?

The problem is, when he created the robot’s blueprint and subsequently built it in his pad, he forgot to factor in the size of his door.

When he was finally able to finish the thing, it just wouldn’t fit his door! So, he is stuck with a giant fully functioning robot that he could not even bring outside!

Bicycle Boat

Bicycle Boat
This bicycle-powered boat created by Zhang Wuyi floats on huge plastic tubes.

This would be a nice vehicle to use for recreation purposes but might be a bit scary to use in areas with swift current or large waves.

Submarine for Capturing Sea Cucumbers

Submarine for Capturing Sea Cucumbers
This weird-looking submarine has “arms” that were actually designed by Zhang Wuyi to capture sea cucumbers. Though the contraption looks crazy, it is actually fully functional.

In fact, he sold one to a businessman for 100,000 yuan ($15,855)!

Homemade Cannons

Homemade Cannons
Because there were property developers who were constantly bugging him for his land, Yang Youde built a homemade cannon to protect his property. He lugs it around in a wheelbarrow.

Inside his homemade cannon are pipes and firing rockets ready for action.

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