10 of the Things you Won’t Believe it’s Legal

10 of the Things you Won’t Believe it’s Legal

With all the media exposure of violence among young adults, it is quite alarming that they can easily browse the things that can start chaos anytime, if they choose to. No wonder why killings would involve schools as prime spots nowadays. What is the problem? I say, it is a question of values rather than security. We can always set rules and everyone is expected to follow, but breaking these rules, which a lot of people do, is a whole different story.

Let’s face it; a lot dare themselves to possess or do things that are one step behind the yellow line. But the real problem with rules is that, one needs to be specific in order to point what is right and what is wrong. What happens to things overlooked? Where do they fall? This is precisely why there are things that are legal despite its possible harm among people. I bet no one wants anybody, especially your child, walking towards your front yard with these things on hand. Care about your security? Read on.

10 – Flame-throwers

Flame-throwing devices, can literally create a hell-like of an event. Anyone who would possess this is not at all restricted by any federal law. Though some states had been conscious enough to at least consider possession of these as misdemeanors, yet 40 states had been indifferent with no laws at all.

This can even be bought for as low as $300, with an available self-help of Ragnar Benson’s Breath Of The Dragon: Homebuilt Flamethrowers. The only justifiable reason that keeps this fire-breathing wrecker on the lose is its importance in combatting Africanized Honey Bees who are “too small to shoot” yet “deadly.” There were cases that flame-throwers saved lives, but regulation of these items should be implemented since cases like these are so rare that the popular one is dated 1968.

9 – Tannerite (An Explosive Compound)

Being a binary compound, tannerite is relatively safe, unless in the hands of a sick. With its binary nature, tannerite is definitely safe to store and transport. This is actually a mixture of two harmless powders that can blast anything on your way. How? Hit it with extreme force or heat, then BOOM! Though that may sound something of a super power, logically speaking, you need not blast anything even if you are stuck in a traffic jam.

A healthy mind can buy, but most probably won’t, these things straight from the distributor in amounts from premade shaped charges to huge containers. Just like flamethrowers, these remain legal for a purpose—avalanche control. But if you find yourself relatively safe from such, why would you buy these? If you need to blast an old car or an ex-partner’s house; in short, if you’re down right mad.

8 – Improvised Weaponry

Homemade firearms, garage guns, Chechnyan Firecrackers or scrap weapons— however you call it, they are made out of acquired pieces of trash and industrial debris that can be found anywhere. These garage guns come even in the simplest form of a lead tube with a rubber-band-powered firing pin up to a fully automatic pistol composed of aluminum cans and assorted sprockets. Alarmingly, these remain legal under the federal law as long as the weapon does not violate any gun law that exists.

Sadly, the right tax stamps pave the way in the making of improvised firearms, silencers and sawed-off homemade shotguns. The possibility of making one of these is raised by the availability of free online self-help articles that are created and used by Chechnyan rebels. Aside from the probability of creating these stuff, difficulty of enforcing any law that would put a stop to the creation and possession of these self-made firearms discourages anyone who wants to act on it. What makes it difficult? Since professionally manufactured firearms are legal in the USA, it follows that homemade ones remain so, too.

7 – The Mini-Gun

A gun capacity of firing up to one hundred and sixty times per second is a real wow for any fan of firearms. It’s just that, anyone can lay their hand on this stuff, which is considered the deadliest infantry weapon ever designed — the M134 General Electric Minigun. Good thing that it’s availability in the market and expenses would limit those who want to possess one.

There are only around eleven-legal miniguns in the USA, some of which are in private hands. The price tag of an average minigun starts at $400,000, excluding the expenses for mounting that it would require. Add to that the$3600 for an entire frenzy of a minute of shooting. Eleven miniguns remain legal because of the National Firearms Act, which states that any fully automatic weapons assembled before 1986 are legal for a civilian possessing a Class 2 permit to own.

6 – Thermite

Thermite is a combination of aluminum and metal-oxide-based powder, which can reach a scorching temperature up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit when ignited. How hot is that? Just close to half the temperature of the Sun! With this, thermite is usually significant in cutting through strong metal such as those used to frame a skyscraper.

The thing which might worry you is that thermite can be made by any person willing enough to exhaust efforts to follow a ‘recipe’ on how to produce it from rust and aluminum fillings. Refining and mixing them properly is a tedious task, yet does not assure that no one is sick enough to try and succeed in producing such dangerous stuff. Good thing is that Thermite is highly stable and isn’t explosive, since it would need an extremely hot flame to light it. In fact, only Magnesium is the readily available substance that can set it off.

5 – Blaster Rifle and Lightsaber

If you are thinking that only Sci-Fi films would have these stuff, you’re wrong. This is not the computer-enhanced light and effects on weapons used in films. They are actually real, since laboratories need high-grade scientific lasers which Information Unlimited generously sells.

Unfortunately, one needs not present the intent of using it in laboratory purposes before it can be handed to you. All that is needed is a credit card and you’re off to burn anything. This is actually a blaster rifle which is capable of 120-150 shots when fully charged. With a 6000-watt pulse, it can “blast holes in the hardest of metals.” Class IV lasers can even cut through wood and rocks. Whether you believe it or not, it can even burn hot enough that air at the focus point would explode!

For $300 and a credit card, an elegant lightsaber would be a dream come true. The S3 Spyder Arctic may not look exactly as the one in the movies, but with its ability to light a fire, burn or blind a man given a fair distance, makes this rather as dangerous as that in movies. Just imagine the number of people and things one can damage if this would be owned by someone sick enough to point it at you. Aside from the fact that regular rifles are bought for less, laser weapons are too futuristic that no one capable of regulating them are aware that they already exist, thus keeping them legal.

4 – Tanks

If you are filthy rich that you collect cars, condominium units, and all things elite, you might wonder why there are civilians who collect tanks. Yes, tanks. There are those who want a 45-ton T-72, the main battle tank of the former Soviet Union, to sit in their driveway, which costs for less than $50,000. There are those who prefer the street-legal Fox Armored Car for $17 grand.

One can also own an armored scout car for less than a new SUV. Since these costs a bit much for a common civilian, there are those who are content with the fleeting experience of renting these monsters for tank-related adventures in Sherman, Texas. So if you see a tank crushing your front yard and car one day, you know what to do: Buy one to get even.

3 – Deadly Exotic Animals

You might think that all the burning and crushing military stuff is something you need to be cautious of. Behold, a weapon far dangerous than any ammunition is something that thinks and moves on its own—deadly, flesh-eating piranhas. Most likely, you’ve seen movies that would scare you to death, but the most terrifying thing is when they are kept as pets and left to starve.

It is clear-cut murder to starve these carnivorous fish and push someone into the water where they await dinner. They are just capable of skeletonizing a cow in a blink. So, if you are paranoid enough that ammunitions aren’t enough for you to feel secured at home, you might want a pool of these murder-fish that would willingly accept any diver you choose to disintegrate. Ok, anyone can pet these monsters, but wait, there’s worse: In 28-50 states where they keep this legal, you can buy ten of these blood-loving creatures for only $80. So a pool of these is not at all an exaggeration. Piranhas are not the only animals you can own: furry brown bears, lions and tigers are legal in nine states. Just imagine the weight, claws and teeth that can wrestle and tear one to pieces.

2 – Grenade Launchers

Want a grenade launcher? Say, your own M203? These are the only things you need to do: Buy it for $3,000, subject yourself through a background check, register your stuff through the ATF, get through a few bureaucratic hoops, get the right tax stamp for $200 bucks, then pay another $200 to register a deadly grenade like 40mm buckshot round. So if you can handle all the hassle, you might be lucky enough to own one.

This wrecker holds the equivalent of 27 rounds of 00 buckshot, with steel pinballs that could be launched at 882 feet per second making heated lead of 98-feet wide and 98-feet high.

Hope you won’t think of buying, but if you want rather a classic destruction, a Vietnam-era M79 is available for eight grand. Also, “load your own ammo” kits are cheap enough despite they needed registration as a Destructive Device. You might want to take it to the next level and go with a 60mm mortar. But if your neighbor would own a tank that blocks your driveway, a 20mm anti-tank cannon will do the trick. You can legally own a Lahti L-39 for about the same price as a mid-size sedan. So, if you want to launch a World War in your neighborhood, feel free to purchase any. I say, go for the tank and the Lahti.

1 – Cookbooks for Crime

What could be more dangerous that people out of their wits? Ironically, this risk brought upon the birth of self-help books on the production of psychoactive chemicals. Alexander Shulgin popularized MDMA (ecstasy) and invented 230 more chemicals that could drive you nuts.

It’s even fairly documented in the books he and his wife Ann authored. These are the Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved and Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved, alsoknown as PiHKAL and TiHKAL. These even include reports on what to expect after using these substances; too comprehensive that one can cheaply and quickly prepare their home-made drugs without sweat. In fact, copies of these books were found in clandestine labs that were raided. Worse, they can be bought for only $16.66 from Amazon. Com while the second half of TiHKAL is free on Erowid. So if you really want to lose your mind literally, grab one of these.

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