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silento dad dancing watch me nae nae hilarious

Viral Video: Hilarious Dad Secretly Out-whips, Naes Naes Daughters

Daris Martinez2016-01-09
guy sad vacation photo family goes viral

Man was given second trip with family after his sad vacation photos

Daris Martinez2015-05-13
man and dog workout perfect buddy

Watch Hot stud and his adorable dog Teeny in a Workout routine video

Daris Martinez2015-04-30
bear that went to war from telegrapgh

Amazing story of teddy bear that went to war goes viral

Daris Martinez2015-04-29
little buzz and dad bonding viral video

Watch: Tom Fletcher and son bond in ‘Buzz and the dandelions’ video

Daris Martinez2015-04-27
amazing and infectious wedding dance

Watch: Nicole & Kyle Kuchenbecker’s Amazing Wedding Dance to MKTO’s ‘Classic’

Daris Martinez2015-04-26
act of kindness brings vendor flower in tears

Watch: Moment of kindness brings subway flower vendor to tears

Daris Martinez2015-04-25
meet mother and daughter behind Crazy Jewish Mom

The Mom and Daughter behind viral Instagram ‘CrazyJewishMom’

Daris Martinez2015-04-24
dancing postman adam win the internet today

Watch Torquay’s Dancing postman video goes viral

Daris Martinez2015-04-23
alice the pug is running a mini marathon boston goes viral

Ever heard of puppy ‘mini-marathon’? Well, this cute pug is running for charity

Daris Martinez2015-04-18
shelter dogs photos goes viral

See ‘Viral’ Creative Photos of Shelter Dogs in Utah

Daris Martinez2015-04-16
Fresh Prince pregnancy announcement oregon couple

Watch Oregon Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Daris Martinez2015-04-15
sammy the success kid meme

Remember The Viral ‘Success Kid’ Meme? His Dad Needs a Kidney Transplant

Daris Martinez2015-04-14
mc lynchy aka slim shady of limericks

Watch How Limerick’s “Slim Shady” Became an Internet Frenzy

Daris Martinez2015-04-12
rodney king beating video goes viral

Police Brutality Clip Went Viral Years Before Smart Phones

Daris Martinez2015-04-12
man honest video candid about race and traffic

Man’s Honest Candid Video About Race and Traffic Goes Viral

Daris Martinez2015-04-11
alberta boy heartbreaking goodbyes to pet fish
Social Media

Heartbreaking Goodbye: Little Boy Bids Farewell to his Pet Goldfish

Daris Martinez2015-04-11