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8 Beautiful Color Combinations for your Kitchen Interior Design

8 Beautiful Color Combinations for your Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. This is where most homeowners prepare, store and cook food for themselves, guests or family.

It has a functional purpose, but just because this is so it doesn’t mean you don’t need to spruce it up.

The color combinations you use to bring out the best of the kitchen and may even improve the mood of those staying in it.

Accentuate Using Copper Tones

 Accentuate Using Copper Tones

Copper Accents works with white and silver/chrome

White Motif over grey cabinets matching with spread copper accents from kitchen utilities, interior lighting finish, and chrome cooking appliances as well as the dining chairs.

If your kitchen uses neutral colors such as white and/or grey, accentuate its appearance by adding a tinge of copper hues.

A tinge of copper in certain parts of the kitchen or furniture makes both stand out. The metallic finish draws the eye towards them and beautifies each area.

It creates a welcoming ambiance that makes the kitchen homey.

Use Cool Blue Colors

 Use Cool Blue Colors

Cool Blue works with white and silver/chrome

Cool Blue countertops matching with white base cabinets and few chrome accents from kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances.

Spruce up your kitchen’s look with blue tones. This color creates a chill mood that is inviting.

This relaxes the mood of guests and family members while eating. It also complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Purple Rain

 Purple Rain

Purple accents works with bronze, dirty white and chrome

Purple overall interior walls, stone-look wall tiles, and chairs matching with copper or chrome accents for light finishes, with white and earth tone cabinets.

Purple isn’t exactly the first color that comes to mind when it comes to interior painting, but if used properly, it can bring out the best in your kitchen.

Purple is an unexpected color that has visual appeal along with white interior painting and furniture.

Add a dash of purple in small doses to highlight certain areas.

Make it Orange

 Make it Orange

Orange Theme works with grey and dark earth tones

Orange interior wall painting as well as accents for cooking utilities, matching with earth tone cabinets, light mahogany vinyl floors, and chrome/black kitchen appliances such as freestanding ranges and overheads.

Make the countertops of your kitchen stand out buy complementing them with orange painted furniture or finishes.

This hue has a warmth to it that relaxes those that see it. It blends with end grain tones of marble and countertops.

With orange colors, you and your guests will feel at home once they enter the kitchen.

Red Hot Kitchen

 Red Hot Kitchen

Red works with white, chrome, silver, dark grey or black

Bold red highlights for Kitchen Cabinets and drawers, white wall paint finishes, matching with chrome accent kitchen appliances, wall tiles, and chairs as well as light brown LVP flooring.

You don’t have to worry about your small kitchen, you can make it look bigger with fiery red paint.

Add this color to your industrial type furniture and design. This hue brings out the best in the kitchen and its design.

Yellow is the Way to Go

 Yellow is the Way to Go

Yellow tone works with white and small metallic accents

Overall yellow ambiance for upper and base cabinets matches with white wall paint finish as well as metallic accents from kitchen utensils.

If you like light and bright colors, yellow might suit you.

This color is an equalizer as it complements darker colors such as some shades of blue and gray. The balance yellow creates is pleasing to the eyes.

Black and White

 Black and White

Black over white works with silver/chrome and bronze

The classic black over white kitchen cabinets and countertop, matching with light color stone look tiles, silver/chrome or even bronze accents for faucet fixtures, chairs, and light finishing.

This sleek is the ideal choice for homeowners who want simple but beautiful. Black and white is a timeless combination that is easy to implement and brings out the best in your kitchen.

Its look connects the aesthetic of the room from the pieces of furniture to the interior design.

White is Simple and Beautiful

 White is Simple and Beautiful

Pure white works well with light grey

Nothing beats the different hues of white from upper cabinets, mosaic wall tiles, white cooking range appliance balanced with light grey base cabinets and translucent effect of glass finish lighting above.

White is the simplest color but it also matches well with other hues.

This tone complements with darker or lighter shades of any color, making it an ideal choice for kitchen owners. It blends with the furniture regardless of their finish.

The kitchen doesn’t have to look ordinary, use the right color combinations to make it beautiful and create the mood you want to elicit from visitors. Try these combos and determine if they suit your home’s overall interior design.

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