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7 Creative Indoor and Outdoor Decking Design Ideas

7 Creative Indoor and Outdoor Decking Design Ideas

A beautiful home is all about attention to detail; the deck of your house is just one aspect of it. However, its appearance has an effect on the overall look of your home’s exteriors and interiors.

The decking also has a functional use that maintains the temperature of your house throughout the year.

Design experts cite the following ways to beautify your home’s deck.

Colorful Furniture

 Colorful Furniture , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Colorful Furniture

Adding a splash of vibrant colors like yellows and oranges for your furniture brings a lively ambiance.

You don’t have to settle for monochrome when adding furniture on your deck. Use colorful pieces to make the area look vibrant and appealing.

Choose light hues that showcase your personality or blend well with the overall theme of your home.

The colors you select can also affect the mood of people staying in the deck.

Browns bring a sense of warmth to wooden decks and are perfect for fitting in with natural surroundings.

Blue is part of a swath of coastal colors that are topping designing trends.

Gray no longer means dull and can add character to your wooden deck.

Many homeowners like natural wood stain colors like Cedar because they are lighter and work well with country and rustic designs.

The ever-popular red is more than the typical redwood stain of yesteryear.

Keep it Natural

 Keep it Natural , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Keep it Natural

Add various tones option like sage and forest green. A dark tone such as black or chocolate brown is a mostly neutral color that does well in small spaces though might overpower on a very large deck.

The concrete jungle can be imposing and tiring because of its frenetic pace.

Your home is a place of rest and solace, and one way to keep it that way is to use natural materials for the furniture you add in your deck.

Bamboo tables, chairs or accessories give the space a nature-like ambiance.

You can use other materials such as oak or other available wood in your area to customize pieces of furniture.

Create a Mini Garden

 Create a Mini Garden , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Create a Mini Garden

Include a festival of flowers with containers packed with easy-care perennials: yellowish daylily, purple salvia, green juncus, light coreopsis, red aster, canna, alstroemeria, sedum, shy chrysanthemum, or lovely lavenders.

Plants create a feeling that pieces of furniture can’t recreate.

They give not just a natural ambiance, but also a relaxing atmosphere especially during a long day at work.

They give life to an otherwise dull area. Make the deck appealing by putting the plants and flowers in pots.

Use different styles and heights for the plants’ pots; this creates a pleasing visual effect.

Paint the Deck

 Paint the Deck , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Paint the Deck

The deck doesn’t have to be plain and simple, you can spruce it up with colors that match your personality and taste.

You have several options when it comes to injecting vibrancy into your deck.

Grey and black are hues you might want to consider for a sophisticated appearance.

Orange, red and other bright colors are bright and happy choices. Green is a good option for a subtle yet beautiful approach.

Warm and Cozy Ambiance

 Warm and Cozy Ambiance , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Warm and Cozy Ambiance

Caution: It is not safe to place a wood-burning fire pit on top of a wooden, composite, or vinyl deck unless it has been okayed by the manufacturer and city code, and is placed on top of a non-combustible base.

One of the sought after deck accessories is a fire pit; this became popular because it keeps the area warm and cozy all year round.

You can hang out here comfortably during the cold nights and days of autumn and winter.

Toasting marshmallows or other food is possible with this accessory in your deck.

Shade the Deck with a Pergola

 Shade the Deck with a Pergola , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Shade the Deck with a Pergola

Tip: It is very important to properly attach pergola posts when installing a pergola over a deck. Most deck builders bolt pergola support posts to the frame of the deck using (2) 1/2″ x 6″ lag screws with washers per post. This technique is the same as attaching a rail post. Pergolas are top-heavy.

If it gets too hot, you might want to stay under a shade while hanging out in the deck.

A covered pergola is a good option for cases such as this.

You can also get creative with this by growing crawling plants along with it.

Keep it Well-Lit

 Keep it Well-Lit , Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decking Ideas: Keep it Well-Lit

Deck lights provide a soft glow that lights the deck for easier wayfinding. They can be installed into the railing, stair risers or the deck itself.

Lighting in the deck is a must if you plan to spend time there in the evenings.

Install different kinds of lights to create the right mood for dining or just chilling.

Candles and LED lights are nice alternatives, you can also opt for eco-friendly choices that are available.

These are just some of the deck design ideas you can implement. Consider these to improve your deck’s look, ambiance, and coziness.

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