Main Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

Main Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

Why need car insurance? Car accidents do happen and most of them come unexpected and to think that this would not really happen to you because you are extra careful on the road is a dumb idea.

Auto insurance companies provide insurance coverage not because they are praying that you would figure yourself on an accident and later have claims.

Insurers just want to help you avoid future financial hassles. If you are still not sold to this idea, here are the top 10 lists of reasons why you should get yourself auto car insurance.

1 – It is required by law.

Whether you like it or not, to be able to drive legally in most states today, drivers are required to have bodily injury and property damage insurance.

2 – Protect your precious investments.

On most individuals, car comes next to a house as their biggest investment. And we all want to protect our money and each investment we have made.

3 – Protection from liability lawsuits.

These kinds of lawsuits can cost you a fortune and might collapse you financially if you don’t have sufficient financial security. Having liability coverage will cover your legal battle and protect your assets from being harmed.

4 – Boost your health insurance in event of an accident.

Car accidents may cost you great trauma that requires excessive treatment in which your health insurance might not be able to keep up with. Having car insurance will augment your health coverage.

5 – Get claims from unforeseen events.

Anything can happen to your vehicle if even you are not in it. It can be vandalized, or got stolen, or be wrecked by nature’s wrath.

6 – Protect valuable belongings within your car.

Aside from the car itself, we have other valuables in it such as your car stereo or other add-on equipment. When applying for car insurance, you can opt to include coverage for such valuables.

7 – Rental reimbursement coverage.

After having car accident, sometime we are left without a car for a couple days. Aside from the fact that this situation is very inconvenient, having car rental would be heavy on your pockets. Auto insurance which includes rental reimbursement will be quite a relief.

8 – Avoid bankruptcy.

Grave accidents sometimes will lead you to the edge of bankruptcy if you are not insured. You might not only lose your money and your assets. You might as well lose everything you have including your family.

9 – Hassle-free car rental.

Most car rental companies nowadays do not just let anyone rent a car from them without having enough auto insurance coverage.

10 – Total peace of mind.

Knowing that you are covered whenever a bad and an unexpected thing would occur will give you more peace of mind instead of the unnecessary worries that might take your focus off.

Frankly, most people in Australia don’t have the money to buy a car without some sort of financial help. So if you are to apply for a personal car loan and you’re from Australia, make sure the repayments aren’t going to drain your pockets dry every payday.

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