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Movies and Films

Watch Insidious: The Last Key newest trailer is so haunting and nerve-wrecking!

Ron Leyba2017-09-06
squiggly eyebrows

LOOK! This new eyebrow trend called “squiggly eyebrows” is shaking up the makeup world!

Ron Leyba2017-09-03
Game of Thrones Night King
Movies and Films

6 Game of Thrones fan theories that will surely blow your mind

Ron Leyba2017-08-24
square waves

Stunning but Dangerous Grid Waves in French Coast actually exist, take a look!

Ron Leyba2017-08-10

German husband takes court order literally after divorce with cheating wife, splits everything they own into two

Ron Leyba2017-08-09

Wow! Can’t believe that this whale vomit called ambergris is more expensive than gold!

Ron Leyba2017-07-13

11 common and often used words you had no idea were acronyms!

Ron Leyba2017-07-08
cancer sniffing dogs

This cute dog can detect bladder, kidney and prostate cancer with 95% accuracy!

Ron Leyba2017-07-04

7 shocking facts and mind-boggling trivia that you surely haven’t heard before!

Ron Leyba2017-07-03
Scotland Scottish Borders

Family from Scotland offers $64k, benefits and incentives for a nanny willing to work in ‘haunted house’

Ron Leyba2017-06-22
Movies and Films

Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters full cast and synopsis revealed as filming gets underway!

Ron Leyba2017-06-20
Father interviews daughter on every first day of school for 12 years and here’s the result!

Father interviews daughter on every first day of school for 12 years and here’s the result!

Ron Leyba2017-06-13
Facebook Messenger
Social Media

BEWARE: Hackers are using Facebook quizzes and apps to steal your personal info!

Ron Leyba2017-06-09
Fine Women

13 common yet confusing words that women say that men always misunderstand

Ron Leyba2017-05-31

10 Crazy facts about kissing that you probably didn’t know

Ron Leyba2017-05-29
alien yoga trends
Health & Fitness

Watch: Alien Yoga is probably the weirdest fitness trend taking over social media

Ron Leyba2017-05-24
Ariana Grande Concert Explosion Girl Victim

19 confirmed dead in a suicide terrorist attack after Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena

Ron Leyba2017-05-23
Terrifying video of sea lion pulling girl underwater

Watch this terrifying video of a sea lion pulling a girl underwater, so scary!

Ron Leyba2017-05-22

Parents, this is why you shouldn’t allow your kids to play Fidget Spinners alone!

Ron Leyba2017-05-19
Avril Lavigne 2003 2013

Is Avril Lavigne really dead? Some fans believed she died 14 years ago!

Ron Leyba2017-05-15