5 everyday things you probably didn’t know were invented by NASA

5 everyday things you probably didn’t know were invented by NASA

When it comes to out-this-world discoveries, literally and figuratively, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or simply NASA is always on top of the list.

And just recently, they made an announcement about their discovery of 3 Earth-sized planets outside of our solar system than are quite habitable.

But did you know that aside from outer space experiments, projects and discoveries, NASA also invented a handful of household stuff and items that you are probably using right now?

With their quest to reach the farthest planet there is, they ended up discovering and inventing stuff that are now pretty useful in our everyday life. Need proof? Check the list below.

Baby formula

Back in the 80’s, while developing life support for Mars missions, NASA-funded researchers were looking how microalgae can be used as primary source of food.

Along their research, they discovered a natural source for an omega-3 fatty acid that can only be found primarily on breast milk.

Their research led to the creation of Formulaid – a food additive that can found at more than 90 percent of infant formula on the market right now.

This NASA discovery helps babies worldwide develop healthy brains, eyes, and hearts. Source

Baby Milk

Computer mouse

In their quest to use computers in more useful and interactive manner, NASA’s Bob Taylor and Doug Englebart embarked to a project.

As the computers are being applied more and more to aspects of space flight, huge amount of fund was allocated to the discovery and invention of a new computer device that can help them out.

Back then, researchers expected that they will end up using a light pen but thanks to Taylor and Englebart, computer mouse was invented. Source

Computer Mouse

More comfortable running shoes

After successfully inventing a rubber molding process for their astronaut’s helmets, NASA engineers and scientists came up with a conclusion that they can also use this same process for footwear.

This conclusion led to the creation of shock absorbers that you can now find at most running shoes available in the market.  Source

Running Shoes

High definition cell phone cameras

In today’s market, one in three cell phone cameras uses a technology that was originally designed by NASA for their space program.

With astronauts needing to take high quality photographs of space, NASA researchers invented a technology that allows them to attached small cameras that can take high definition photographs at their spacecraft. Source

Smartphone Camera

Scratch-resistant, UV-reflecting lenses

Are you wearing a fashionable scratch-resistant and UV-reflecting shades or eyeglasses? Well, better give thanks to NASA for it!

Back in early 1980s, while NASA scientists are working for new and more improved plastic space helmets, they developed sunlight-filtering lenses that provides eye protection and enhance colors.

These lenses ultimately found their way into sunglasses, ski goggles and safety masks for welders. Source

Sun Glass

(via NASA.GOV, Wired.Co.UK, SpinOff.NASA.Gov)

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