restrooms and toilest around the world viral blane the cut
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Shocking video: What public restrooms around the world looks like?

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Hilarious coward puppy barks loudly at cat but run for his life

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Drone filmed a man above a shocking 200 feet giant wind turbine

kids taste dark choco for first time viral

Watch kids react when tasting Dark Chocolate for the first time

viral baby twins clever trick mommy

Clever baby twins pull a hilarious ‘pretend to be asleep’ trick on mommy

boxer brit
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Viral Video: Heated ‘Irish boxer’ tourist fought mob of Turkish shopkeepers

cat opening door knob viral

This smart kitty knows exactly how to unlock the door

cat no more bath viral david savage

Funny cat loudly grumbles in bath telling the owner “no more”

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Watch Vladimir Putin’s food-embargo videos went viral

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Viral video: Husband filmed wife in labor dancing the pain away

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Youtube deleted ‘Friends’ scene sends internet into frenzy

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Watch Stephen Amell gets raw at Summer Slam

viral cop shooting basketball tweet
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Dearborn police officer shooting 3-points tweet goes viral

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Hear ye, Swifties! Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Guests Comical Parody

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Tiny Horse Running after a Guy goes Viral

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Adorable Kid attempts to organize his 5 kittens goes Viral

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Viral Video: Little Kitten Makes ‘Amusing’ Noise while Eating his Meal

dancing officer in dominican parade new york viral
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NYC Officer enjoys dancing salsa at Dominican Day Parade goes Viral

sledge hammer woman viral

Sledgehammer Attack Video: Woman Assault Salon because she ‘didn’t like her new hairdo’

jumping fetus in womb viral

Few Weeks Old Baby Jumping Shows the Real Humanity of the Unborn