LOOK! This new eyebrow trend called “squiggly eyebrows” is shaking up the makeup world!

LOOK! This new eyebrow trend called “squiggly eyebrows” is shaking up the makeup world!

The trend in eyebrows has shifted completely. From the pencil-line thin styles, now we often see thick and sculpted brows around. Not only that, there are also some makeup artists and enthusiasts who style their brows in a very unique and never before seen style. One big example is the latest trend called squiggly eyebrows.

This viral eyebrow trend is taking up the social media world (especially Instagram) by storm. It’s very unique and can totally shock people that will see it for the first time. This eyebrow trend ditches the old criteria of a perfect, well-lined and defined arch brow. Instead, this one features a curvy or wiggly line that looks like tiny little snake moving around. Few Instagram influencers even put up some colors and styles into it to make it look more amazing with a very artsy feel.

Here are some Instagram photos of the squiggly brows.


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And in case you wanted to try it out, Instagram influencer named Promise Tamang can help you out. On her Instagram post, Promise revealed the whole process of getting the squiggly eyebrows style. She mentioned that she uses washable PVA Glue to flatten the eyebrow hair then covers them entirely with concealer and powder. Then she uses a black gel liner to get the desired squiggly shape.

New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this 🌊 @melovemealot vibezz

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Some eyebrow enthusiasts are quite intrigued by this trend and expressed their desire to try wearing it. Some are quite confused as this really opposed the idea of a perfect-lined brow. And for some, this kind of style is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season and for some cosplaying adventure as it’s not really advisable for everyday use.

If this becomes a full blown makeup trend, the squiggly eyebrow will be perfect for people who don’t have the skills to draw perfectly-line brows.

So what do you think of this eyebrow/makeup-trend? Will you dare to try it?


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