Viral Social Experiment exposes Dangers of Social Media to Young Ones

Viral Social Experiment exposes Dangers of Social Media to Young Ones

Gone are those days where true human to human interact socially – bringing social media to the front row also makes our life better; Sharing the latest news or just keeping in touch with friends and relatives has been much easier these days.

Having instant connections to everyone in a fly also comes with risk such as giving more edge to the monsters lurking and planning for their next evil plan: pedophiles, stalkers, and sexual predators.

That is indeed scary, but your children or loved ones could be in danger without ever actually leaving home.

That much became clear in July as a massive nationwide “sextortion” case outspread right here on the First Coast.

Another proof, the 21 year old YouTuber (Coby Persin) demonstrate in a social experiment video uploaded online that went viral since Monday, it doesn’t take long for a social media threat to strike close to home.

This will make you see through what information you put online.

Here are the netizen’s reaction to the video:

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