Funny Toddler Videos: This Cute Girl is Afraid of her Own Shadow

Funny Toddler Videos: This Cute Girl is Afraid of her Own Shadow

Babies and toddlers are still learning stuff about the world; however, we adults could not help but laugh at their antics, especially when they get absolutely delighted or terribly afraid by simple things.

One perfect example of this is the toddler in the now viral video shared by her own dad, Mike Jacobs.

The video opens to little girl Kiya stumbling across the pavement as she appears to be drowsy.

With no bed in sight, all the little girl could do was walk around in hopes of finding a soft place to sleep; though she also appears to be fighting off sleep.

Dad Mike could be heard asking Kiya whether she wants to go “night, night” but the drowsy toddler would not say a thing (possibly because of the pacifier stuck inside her mouth, too).

As she continued to move around, walking and fighting off sleep, the sleepy girl suddenly springs wide awake as she sees her shadow.

This frightened her so much that she began to scream, running away from the terrible black thing as fast as her little legs could carry. However, as shadows are wont to do, it followed her around, nonetheless.

The tot was shocked to find the scary black thing right in front of her, even if she had ran away from it just a few seconds ago.

She then runs away from the thing again but ends up meeting it face to face. In sheer terror, the tot stumbled and fell to the ground.

This is where the clip ended – presumably because her dad went to pick her up.

Her terror was palpable yet her sweet innocence simply makes this scene so funny to watch. No wonder the adorable video swiftly went viral, gaining over 25 million shares on Facebook after it was shared by her dad.

Wait for it…

Posted by Mike Jacobs on Thursday, September 10, 2015

In retrospect, we hope Kiya’s dad explained to her about shadows so she’ll never be terrified about her own shadow again.

The video might have been funny and cute yet the child’s fright was for real and this could have detrimental effect on her if she does not learn soon that shadows are not something to be afraid of…

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