Homeless Veteran to Get a Home after Video of Him Crying Goes Viral

Homeless Veteran to Get a Home after Video of Him Crying Goes Viral

When YouTuber Max Zahir filmed himself taking a homeless guy to a Charbroiled Burgers drive-through in Yucaipa, California, he did not expect that this would lead to something truly wonderful for the old man: a new home and some extra cash!

In the short clip he posted on YouTube, Zahir revealed that he met the homeless guy at the gas station and decided to give him a meal.

He later learned that this old man is a war veteran.

Realizing just how important this homeless veteran’s contribution had been to the peace the country is enjoying, Zahir decided to treat him to another lunch the next time they see each other.

He told the war veteran, “I’ll tell you this: I go to work every day around 4 o’clock. If you meet me at that gas station I’m gonna buy you lunch.”

“I just wanna do something and maybe you’ll get to your feet and just pay it forward,” he added. The old man burst into tears and gave him a hug, saying, “Nobody’s shown me this much kindness in a while. Thank you.”

Touched by the exchange, Zahir would later set up a crowd funding campaign in support of homeless veterans. Within just 2 days, the campaign has already received $9,000 of its $10,000 target.
The campaign touched a nerve, it seems.

Thousands of US veterans who fought for the country are now living in the streets, being ignored like any other homeless person when they should have been forever hailed a hero for what they had done to keep the peace.

This is probably the reason why Zahir’s campaign went so well.

There are some charity organizations that plan on providing homes for these veterans but they could only assist those they were able to identify as such.

So, we are thankful when a certain Carrie Nowocin commented that she’s with a group that could provide this homeless veteran with a home.

Nowocin turns out to be the CEO and president of Carry Me Productions whose goal is to “strive to produce breakthrough results for those who are homeless or living in poverty.”

She posted on the campaign page, “Please contact us. We can get him a home! We are finalizing plans to house veterans in homes not shelters.”

Support veterans – visit GoFundMe for more details.


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