10 of the Powerful Ancient Civilizations

10 of the Powerful Ancient Civilizations

This modern world we are all living in must be thankful and truly grateful to the ancient civilizations. Ancient civilizations paved ways to the modern technology, livelihood, inventions, techniques and methodology we are all enjoying nowadays.

Without them, there will be no intelligence advancement, great entertainment and awesome gadgets for you to enjoy at.

If you will notice, a lot of Hollywood and foreign movies are already created and shown at big theaters all over the world that shows ancient civilizations. I am a fan of those movies and I can say that it’s quite entertaining to watch and at the same time learn something new that exists from the past. Often times, the topic or focus of such movies revolves around Ancient Greece and Rome.

I can’t blame the movie producers, writers and directors to focus on them though. Ancient Greece and Rome are two of the most powerful and history rich ancient civilizations ever recorded on history books. They are attributed to lots of modern things and technology we have.

Way back, they are regarded as the two powerful empires or civilizations in terms of military, technology and strategy.

Although some history books say that Romans just copied almost everything they got from the Greeks, I still believe Romans have their unique contribution as well.

One thing is for sure though, Ancient Greece (The Greeks) will always be at the top 1 of each and every list of powerful ancient civilizations known to mankind.

But aside from the two mentioned ancient civilizations, there are still more that you might not know about.

They are also powerful at their own ways and contributed a lot of things to the world as well. I listed down below my personal choice of top 10 powerful ancient civilizations based on their world and history contributions.

1 – Ancient Greece

Aside from being a powerful military civilization, ancient Greece is also the origin of almost everything in this world.

It’s written down in history books that Democracy indeed started at ancient Greece and they are the ones who created and popularized theatrical arts (turned into movies) that we all enjoy today.

Ancient Greece indeed deserves to be at the top spot of any list of ancient civilizations because of its influence, power, advancement and inventions.

2 – Ancient Rome

From a small town into a big powerful empire, ancient Rome indeed dominated lots of continents and countries across the globe. It dominated large parts of Southern and Western Europe, small parts of Northern and Eastern Europe.

The presence of their power is also felt all throughout Asia Minor, North Africa and Mediterranean islands.

Today, we still feel the influence the ancient Rome has with the language lots of people speak – Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.

3 – Ancient Egypt

The greatest contribution ancient Egypt gave to the world is their pyramids.

Ancient Egypt is one of the greatest and biggest targets of projects being done by archaeologists and historians because of their great history, culture, arts and architecture.

Ancient Egypt is attributed to all hieroglyphs known to mankind.

4 – Ancient Mayans

Ancient Mayans are pretty famous and popular with their Mayan Calendar.

The calendars they have are still being used and reference today to anticipate the end of the world by certain groups of people.

Mayans are great astronomers and mathematicians. Their civilization evolves around agriculture, pottery, hieroglyphs, architecture and symbolic artworks.

5 – Ancient Aztecs

The Aztecs we all know of are great warriors. The Aztecs originated and became a dominant force in Mexico around 13th up to 15th century.

The Aztecs rule over 500 small states that consist of around 6 million people. Aztec ancient civilization is recorded as intellectual, social and artistic civilization.

The society they have is highly structured with strict system.

6 – Ancient MU or Lemuria

Ancient MU or Lemuria civilization is deemed as one of the oldest and longest civilization ever arose.

This civilization is known for its capability to build up megalithic buildings that are able to withstand the devastating shake and effect of earthquakes. This civilization evolves around technology and education.

7 – Ancient China or Han China

Ancient China is known for their sky-chariots, geomancy and jade manufactures.

Ancient Chinese, according to some history books and records regarding ancient civilizations, is the original source of toilet papers, paper money and printing methods.

8 – Ancient Persia

Persian Empire was one of the conquering empires with great civilization of antiquity.

Ancient Persians follows a kind of monarchy that kind of denies a simple man a say at his political position.

The Persian army is one of the bravest and fearless army ever recorded in history thus making them known as the IMMORTALS.

9 – Ancient Atlantis

Ancient history records say that Atlantis is the most advanced technology driven ancient civilization ever existed.

There are mentions of air conditioners, electric guns and rifles, mono rail transportation and even water generators being used at the time of ancient Atlantis.

This civilization is also the first onewho invented and created an aerial ship which they call Vailx. Technology advancement is what ancient Atlantis is all about.

10 – Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan is really different on what Japan today look liked today.

Ancient Japanese men lives daily to fish and hunt for food. The women on the other hand are busy making figurines or spending some time with artistic pottery.

Ancient Japan is attributed to big and tall artistic buildings and mansions across the country.

I hope you learned and picked up something new, entertaining and cool with my list of powerful ancient civilizations.

They are all powerful and influential enough at their own ways by the time they existed.

How about you, do you have any ancient civilization in mind that you think I should have included at my list? Let me know and hear about it via the comment section below.

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