New #LifeGoals: High School Girl’s Senior Photos at Taco Bell Goes Viral

New #LifeGoals: High School Girl’s Senior Photos at Taco Bell Goes Viral

Having portraits for your senior year represents a finale of everything you work hard for the past years as a high school student.

We make it grand, best and somewhat what we call it the #LifeGoal like as what we set ourselves in the future.

In other words – it’s really a big deal just like waiting for that special high school prom.

Some senior students have picture taken with sports trophy, or musical instruments for musician as a way to remember their high-school passions and most loved student hobbies.

Brittany Nicole Creech, a senior high school student taught everyone a lesson in “How ‘You Do You’ Perfectly Captures Our Narcissistic Culture…” and got her senior photos taken at a restaurant that held a special place in her heart. [via Mashable]

Creech decided with her photographer Brendan Batchelor to shoot her G.O.A.T. senior photos at Taco Bell.

She was photographed standing in line at the restaurant’s cash register, eating her Mexican fast food, and sipping on a Baja Blast.

The heartwarming photographs captured the attention of not only the public, but also the food chain.

Taco Bell decided her accomplished the ultimate life goals.

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