Watch ‘Viral’ Teacher’s Cool Send-Off Music Video to Graduating Class

Watch ‘Viral’ Teacher’s Cool Send-Off Music Video to Graduating Class

We have all gone through times when we wished our teachers were different, that they were cool (or more cool than they already were), that they were understanding (enough to forget the many instances we, errrr, left our homework at home), and that they were so thoughtful they would give us an awesome send-off during graduation.

More often than not, students get a wave of goodbye from teachers at the end of the school year.

The teachers might also offer some words of advice to help the students succeed in the direction they are taking in life.

There had been a lot of people who gained great insights from these words of wisdom from the teachers while they are being sent off to college and to face the “real world”.

There are teachers, however, who choose a different tactic in making sure the seniors and the rest of the student body feel that they are much loved and cared for.

After all, teachers could be considered as second parents, especially when the kids are spending around 8 hours of their day with these influential adults.

This is why the teachers of Salisbury Composite High School came up with a brilliant plan of giving the graduating class of 2015 an awesome send-off by creating a cool music video starring them, of course.

This video was shot in a school bus and in various places in the school, making it as authentic as possible.

Surely, when the students watched the clip, they would remember fond memories with these mentors in the lively halls of the educational institution.

Dressed in funky clothing from the oldies era, the teachers created a cool video with short clips from various music choices.

The resulting medley/mash-up turned out to be great, even if the songs were varied as the teachers tried their best to act their parts with enthusiasm.

It would certainly be fantastic to have such cool teachers as mentors.

Here’s their fun-filled music video which quickly went viral on the web:

Their send-off to the graduating class of 2014 was cool, too. Watch their version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” here:

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