Brave Glasgow Teen’s Ecstasy Warning Video Goes Viral

Brave Glasgow Teen’s Ecstasy Warning Video Goes Viral

There’s something about the highs and thrills of recreational drugs that appeal to many people, especially teens who are peer pressured into trying out these illegal substances despite these being prohibited.

A lot of teens are pressured into doing drugs just so they would look “cool” and will be accepted by their peers when, in truth, the use of these illegal substances is not just detrimental to one’s health but could even lead to death!

One of the victims of drug overdose, 16-year-old Amy Thomson, fell into a deep coma after indulging in a dangerous cocktail of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), best known in the streets as ecstasy. (via youredm)

Also known as the “party drug”, ecstasy is one of the drugs favored by the youth, especially because of its stimulatory effects.

The drug releases chemicals that increase feelings of happiness and euphoria so wonderful that many users feel a sense of inner peace.

It also enhances sexuality, sensation, and perception – making it something that hormone-crazed teenagers will surely love.

Sadly, these good effects are just part of the drug’s effects because adverse effects could be experienced, such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, hyperthermia, erectile dysfunction, and increased blood pressure and heart rates.

After-effects also include feelings of depression, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, and memory impairment.

When used in large quantities or in combination with other drugs and alcohol, ecstasy can also be deadly.This is what happened to Thomson who had to spend months at the hospital after the drug overdose.

Left in a coma for a month, it seemed that Thomson would die but she managed to pull through and is now out of the hospital; though the experience left her paralyzed and unable to speak well.

In a bid to warn others against the devastating effects of ecstasy, Thomson created a video where she could be seen struggling to move and speak.

Her spoken message was difficult to comprehend but its meaning is as clear as day: DO NOT USE DRUGS!

Coming from a person who did drugs and almost died from it, the message is poignant and, hopefully, effective.

Just like Thomson, we all hope that people will stop using drugs and wasting their lives (and money!) in something that could bring them to an early death!

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