Born Without a Nose, Baby Eli Thompson Fights to Live Normal

Eli has an extremely rare condition known as complete congenital arhinia. There are only about 37 cases worldwide and the chance of being born with with this is one in 197 million, according to the outlet.
Born Without a Nose, Baby Eli Thompson Fights to Live Normal

Brandi McGlathery and Troy Thompson were expecting a “perfectly healthy baby boy” because all ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy showed no irregularities.

They were, therefore, shocked to discover the child had no nose when he was born!

They named him Timothy Eli Thompson.

The family does not blame anyone for not detecting the baby’s condition before he was born.

In fact, Brandi thinks Eli is their “perfect miracle baby”.

She does understand that Eli is different from the others; she is definitely not in denial of his condition yet she chooses to love him for everything he is.

Eli’s case is rare – he is one of only 37 people with complete congenital arhinia when they were born.

This condition is so rare that it only has a one in 197 million chance of happening.

Alleviating Eli’s Condition

Because of his breathing difficulties arising from the lack of nasal passages and a nose, Eli had to undergo a tracheotomy when he was just 5 days old. This made things a lot better for the child; though his parents had to learn how to properly clean, suction, and change the tube regularly.

Eli spent the first weeks of his life inside the neonatal intensive-care unit of been treated at the USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama.

Brandi is thankful that despite the time he spent there with the nurses, Eli seems to recognize that she is something more special than the nurses in the NICU because he slept soundly when she held him in her arms.

According to the nurses, it was the most peaceful sleep the child has ever had since he was placed under their care.

What’s in Store for Eli?

Foreseeing the future, Brandi knows Eli could become a target for bullies who might make fun of his appearance.

Even now, internet trolls are cruelly calling him as the reincarnation of Harry Potter villain, Lord Voldemort.

Thus, Brandi wishes for people to see Eli the way she sees him: a beautiful, brave boy.

She adds that she finds him as “the most beautiful boy I’ve ever laid eyes on”.

The doctors do have an option for little Eli: a custom-made nose.

This could dramatically change his appearance but the doctors fear this artificial nose won’t be functional and Eli could be stuck with the tracheotomy tube for life.

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