7 of the Must Visit Places & Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

7 of the Must Visit Places & Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo or Sampa is one of the largest cities in Brazil, the metropolis isn’t just big, it has an eclectic mix of attractions that will make you want to stay a little longer.

It offers intrepid travelers a unique cultural experience, mixed with charismatic and friendly locals, tropical plants, and an explosion of colors and sounds.

You will have plenty of things to do and see while exploring and discovering all that this city has to offer.

Se Cathedral

This Neo-Gothic inspired church is one of the most noticeable landmarks of Sao Paulo.

It took a few decades before its completion because of the two world wars, making it difficult to acquire important materials from Italy.

The cathedral’s consecration took place in 1954, during the 400th anniversary of the city’s foundation.

You can see intricately designed statues of the Disciples of Christ and Old Testament prophets.

Once you go inside, you will see beautiful stained glass windows and a pipe organ. The detailed and intricate carvings on the columns represent the diverse flora and fauna of the country.

The ideal location of this cathedral makes it a good starting point to explore Sao Paolo’s old town.

Se Cathedral - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Museu de Arte

The Sao Paulo Museum of Art also known as MASP opened in the late 1960s; it has one of the most extensive western art collections in the region.

When you visit the museum you will see works by Van Gogh, Renoir, Miro, Picasso, Mattise, Manet and many other modern artists, painters, impressionists and sculptors.

Art lovers will definitely spend hours just studying the exhibits, admiring the modern design and enjoying the works of their favorite artists.

MASP has reached a level of popularity and prestige that made it synonymous with many other art museums in the world such as the Centre Pompidou and MoMA.

Museu de Arte - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Parque da Independancia and Museu Paulista

The Independence Park pays tribute to the proclaiming of independence of the country by Prince Pedro in 1822.

The park features a formal garden of fountains, flowers and topiaries, and the Museu Paulista.

This is an ideal place to go to for respite after exploring the city, or if you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Parque da Independancia and Museu Paulista - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo

This market grabs the attention of tourists because of the art deco design, appealing dome and more than 70 stained glass windows of the building it is in.

It is also a bustling and vibrant place to try local specialties and delicious food. While here, get a taste of Sao Paulo’s delights such as delicious pastels and scrumptious mortadella sandwiches.

Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Patio do Colegio

The Patio do Colegio is the place where the founders of the College of the Society of Jesus established a center of study and residence for Jesuits.

It was also the site where the celebration of the first mass of the settlement took place in the 1550s.

Fast forward to today, what remains of the centuries old building are a part of its wall and its doors.

The plaza now has a museums which are the Capela de Anchieta and the Historical Museum.

Patio do Colegio - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The District of Liberdade

This neighborhood is recognized as the Japanese district of this bustling city; however, these days there are more Koreans and Chinese living here.

You can easily identify it because of the red arch, which is similar to the ones you would see in some temples in Japan.

When you explore the area, you will see a good number of Japanese stores and imported goods, along with other Asian markets.

Liberdade and the surrounding streets celebrate popular festivities such as the Sendai Tanabata Matsuri and Chinese New Year.

The District of Liberdade - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ibirapuera Park

The park is a feature of culture, modern design and nature; and it is also a go-to destination for locals who want to spend a day relaxing.

This immense green space in the urban jungle was designed by Roberto Burle Marx, a renowned landscape architect, and has gardens, performance spaces, museums, monuments, trails, playgrounds and lakes.

One of the features of the park is the Bandeiras Monument, a sculpture created by Victor Brecheret, which commemorates the city’s pioneers.

There is also an obelisk to honor those who lost their lives in the fight for a new constitution in the 1930s.

Ibirapuera Park - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ibirapuera Park - Attractions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is a vibrant and bustling city that has a lot to offer travelers of all types.

It has delicious food, a thriving art scene, modern architecture that blends with beautifully landscaped parks, a distinct ambiance and a history that they can be proud of.

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