10 of the Most Beautiful Doves and Pigeons in the World

10 of the Most Beautiful Doves and Pigeons in the World

These doves and pigeons of a feather would make the most beautiful flock ever. For this list, we are embarking on a global pigeon-watching venture.

And while beauty is not just skin or feather deep that is what we are looking for.

Sure, there are so many pigeons and doves that have incredible attributes like speed or dexterity – we’ve chosen the fairest pigeon based on the color, contrast and display of their pretty plumage.

So what’s your picks of the most beautiful pegions?

10 – Jacobin Pigeon

Jacobin Pigeon

The jacobin pigeon is a medium size pigeon; and quite slender and tall. It is characterized by the distinctive muff or cowl of feathers which forms a rosette on both sides of the pigeons head.

This is made up of a mane at the back of the head, the hood over the top and a “cravat” of two lines of feather running down the front of the chest.

There is currently a trend towards breeding jacobins with longer necks which then hold the hood off the shoulders.
This is said to be better display the hood.

9 – Archangel Pigeon

Archangel Pigeon

The archangel is a breed of a fancy pigeon notable for the metallic sheen of its feathers. It is kept as an ornamental or fancy breed valued for its unusual of pairs.

They are small weighing about 12 ounces with unfeathered legs and dark orange eyes.

The body of the bird is bronze or gold with wings that are either black white or blue.

8 – African Green Pigeon

African Green Pigeon

Usually found in small groups, foraging in trees for fruit, an adult african green pigeons have maroon patches on the top of their wings and the juveniles have an olive color.

The upper parts are grayish-green to a yellowish-green; the thighs are yellow and the feet and bill are red with the birds bill having a white tip.

The green plumage is great camouflage and they are fast fliers.

7 – Fantail Pigeon

Fantail Pigeon

The fantail is a popular breed of fancy pigeon.

It is characterized by a fan-shaped tail composed of around 30 to 40 feathers, abnormally more than most members of the pigeon family which usually have 12 to 14 feathers.

The breed is thought to have originated in pakistan, india, china or spain. These smaller attractive pigeons are usually used as “doves” released at the weddings and other ceremonies since they can be trained as homing pigeons and will return to a roost after being released.

6 – Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Named after the british monarch queen victoria, the victoria crowned pigeon is without a doubt a royal bird.

It has a dusty-grey feathers may remind one of the pigeons found on any city streets, but the crown pigeons elegant blue lace crest, scarlet eyes, and rakish black mask are unlike anything you’ll find pecking in the streets or around the city park.

Add in the fact that this largest of all pigeons is nearly the size of a turkey, and you know you’re seeing something special.

5 – Green Imperial Pigeon

Green Imperial Pigeon

The green imperial pigeon is a pigeon which is a wide spread resident breeding bird in tropical southern asia from india east to indonesia.

Its back, wings and tail are metallic green. Meanwhile, the head and underparts are white, apart from maroon undertail coverts.

It is usually seen alone, in pairs or in small groups of 3 to 5 birds. Though, occasionally flocks up to 60 birds can be seen fruiting trees and roost.

4 – Spinifex Pigeon

Spinifex Pigeon
A handsome reddish species, spinifex pigeon is mostly ruddy-colored and has a pointed rufous top knot and a striking face pattern: bare red skin surrounds a pale eye, and the face is striped black and white with some subtle blue markings too.

Bold black bars are spread across the wings and side of the is inconspicuous when it forages on the ground, and is well camouflaged as its reddish color mirrors the red dirt and the rocky outcrops within the arid landscapes it inhabits.

3 – Pink Necked Green Pigeon

Pink Necked Green Pigeon

Believe it or not, pink necked green pigeons are really this color, they are really pigeons.

Like many other animal species, the males are the ones that have the bright coloring, while the females are the drab green coloured.

This tells us that this bright wardrobe helps the guys pick up the pretty little green ladies. The brighter you are, the better your chances of finding the perfect mate.

2 – Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon
The nicobar pigeon is one of the closest living relatives to the dodo, a bird which is now extinct.

This pigeon is found on the small islands and coastal regions of nicobar islands, east through the malay archipelago, to the solomons and palau.

This large pigeon measuring 16 inches in length has grey head, like the upper neck plumage which turns into green and copper hackles.

The tail is very short and pure white, while the rest of its plumage is metallic green.

1 – Rose Crowned Fruit Dove

Rose Crowned Fruit Dove
Pretty as a sunset cocktail, the rose crowned fruit dove is a native Australian species.

Named for its distinctive pink patch that caps their foreheads, these beautiful birds belong to the large genus of fruit doves called Ptilinopus, along with around 50 other species native to southeast asia and oceania.

While the males and the females both develop the pink cap, the males are adorned with the best color patterns, with an array of bright orange, more pink and yellow plumages sitting below their grey chests.

The males use their pink caps as part of their courting displays, bowing their heads low like common pigeons do to give the femailes a good view.

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