10 of the Biggest and Baddest in Wildlife

10 of the Biggest and Baddest in Wildlife

Nature provides a wonderful array of flora and fauna and here at Henspark, being the nature loving tree huggers that we are decided to post a tribute to animal life by making this list of nature’s kick-ass killers and thrillers.

10 – Biggest Cat

The biggest cat is the tiger. Siberian tigers are known to be significantly bigger than lions, the reason why they’re considered the biggest cat. They can weigh up to 750 pounds, if not more. A male lion hardly weighs that much. On average male lion weigh anywhere between 330-550 lbs. Even Bengals weigh more than African lions.

Weights for adult lions range between 150-250 kg (330-550 lb) for males and 120-182 kg (264-400 lb) for females. Nowell and Jackson report average weights of 181 kg for males and 126 kg for females; one male shot near Mount Kenya was weighed at 272 kg (600 lb). Lions tend to vary in size depending on their environment and area, resulting in a wide spread in recorded weights. For instance, lions in southern Africa tend to be about 5 percent heavier than those in East Africa, in general.

Bengal tiger
Bengal tiger:
A heavy male Bengal tiger weighing 258.6 kg (570 lbs) was shot in Northern India in 1938. In 1980 and 1984, scientists captured and tagged two male tigers (M105 and M026) in Nepal that weighed more than 270 kg (600 lb). The largest known Bengal tiger was a male with a head and body length of 221 cm measured between pegs, 150 cm of chest girth, a shoulder height of 109 cm and a tail of just 81 cm, perhaps bitten off by a rival male. This specimen could not be weighed, but it was calculated to weigh no less than 272 kg. Finally, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest tiger known was a huge male hunted in 1967, that measured 322 cm in total length between pegs, 338 cm over curves and weighed 388.7 kg (857 lb). This specimen was hunted in northern India by David Hasinger and is on exhibition in the Mammals Hall of the Smithsonian Institution.

serbian tiger
Siberian Tiger:
The maximum known weight was 240 kg (530 lb). Although tigers from Turkestan never reached the size of Far Eastern tigers, there are records of very large individuals of the former population. Weights of up to 318 kg (700 lb) have been recorded and exceptionally large males weighing up to 384 kg (850 lb) are mentioned in the literature but, according to Mazak, none of these cases can be confirmed via reliable sources. A further unconfirmed report tells of a male tiger shot in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in 1950 weighing 384.8 kg (848 lb) with an estimated length of 3.48 m (11.4 ft).
it depends on the breed tiger unless you have a large male lion compared to a female tiger.

9 – Fastest Creature

Peregrine Falcon
The Peregrine Falcon…. bet you thought I was gonna say Cheetah huh? Nope Chester practically stands still compared to this speedster. Peregrines can reach a speed of over 240 miles per hour in a dive.

8 – Most Ferocious

I was going to go with my ex-wife, but the piranha beat her out… marginally. Piranha exist in S. America and there are several species with some being more or less scavengers. Other species- such as the red belly here are out and out aggressive.

7 – Largest Land Carnivore

Polar Bear
That would be the Polar Bear. Don’t get all happy thinking this guy is going to give you a Coke and a smile or anything. Polar bears are known to be cautious when confronted by humans, but don’t press the issue- once riled they can do some damage. They are not, however territorial so if you run into one (riiiight) you might have a shot at getting away.

6 – Biggest Snake

Living up to the hype, the biggest snake in the world is the Anaconda. One capture specimen weighted in at 500 lbs- that’s a lot of snake! They are not the longest snakes however. The Python Reticulatus- or Reticulated Python can reach lengths of 33 feet.

5 – Biggest Fish

Great White
The biggest people eating fish is the Great White. These are the quintessential predator. Armed to the teeth (literally) with an amazing array of sensory input organs from heightened sense of smell to electrical field sensitivity they are master trackers in their element. In addition to the teeth and senses, their tuna like tail and streamlined bodies make them incredibly fast and agile.

The BIGGEST FISH IN THE OCEAN STILL SWIMMING (Ohhh I hate you is the freakin’ Whale Shark (fishusveri boringus or Rhincodon typus). They eat krill, plankton and fish (booooring) and range pretty much all over the place as they inhabit all tropic and warm-temperate seas. One interesting fact about the whale shark is that is apparently has the largest internet following of any shark.

4 – Most Venomous Creature

Sea Wasp jelly
Believe it or not, it’s not some clawed predator or a highly venomous snake… it’s the Sea Wasp… or Jelly-fishus stingalotus. The venom from a single creature can kill up to 60 adults. While people do survive encounters and stings from these otherwise innocent looking creatures, it’s the sheer volume of poison that makes them so deadly.

3 – Largest Invertebrate

Colossal Squid
The Colossal Squid tops our list of invertebrate lengthiness. Not much is known about this giant squid due to the extreme depths they live in. In 2005 fishermen pulled in a live male Colossal Squid that weighted over 1,000 lbs and was just over 32 feet long. The scary part is that the male is generally the smaller of the sexes in all other squid species.

2 – Biggest Creature Ever

blue whale
Blue whales are the biggest creature ever to have lived on earth. The largest on record was a female weighing 376,990 pounds and measuring over 90 feet long. The longest blue whale measured in at just over 110ft. What do they eat? Krill. Yes, krill. Learn about whales here.

1 – Deadliest Creature on Earth

The cop out answer would have to be Man. We kill everything because we’re a bad-assed species. In a recent debate with a former friend (things got out of control) he maintained that without tools man would be helpless against any creature. I submit to you dear readers that man’s brain (and what he can build with it) is his greatest asset. Taking away our ability to make a rocket launcher before a fight is like asking a bear to remove it’s claws. Nope, man is the toughest animal on Earth.. and who’s the toughest MAN on Earth? Chuck Norris.

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