Funny “Gangster Crab” Wielding A Knife Video Goes Viral

Funny “Gangster Crab” Wielding A Knife Video Goes Viral

While most crabs who reach the kitchen end up in the pot sooner or later, one crab decided it would fight with its last breath before any human could serve him on the dinner table.

So, this clever crab grabbed a knife from the kitchen table and prepared for battle.

As the crab tried its best to get away from the person who was surely trying to place him inside a huge pot filled with some spices and vegetables, it waved the knife around as if asking trying to defend itself.

It was so cute and hilarious that the video later shared by this person quickly went viral on YouTube and has since gained close to 780,000 views.

In light with the crab’s actions, it was swiftly dubbed on social media as the “gangster crab”. I bet memes will soon be created, starring this clever “gangster crab”!

Of course, the human was probably not afraid of the small knife as whoever was behind the camera, filming the “gangster crab”, was actually trying to egg it on and pushing it towards a corner yet it was funny to watch the marine creature trying to “defend” itself.

Cynics would surely say that the knife was only held that way because the guy filming it had actually placed it there and that there was no way this crab was trying to fight back yet you just could not deny the fact that it was hilarious anyway, even if it did happen that way…

What makes it even funnier is that there were moments when the crab would wield the knife, seemingly fighting back and charging at the man who was trying to poke him with bare fingers!

If only this crab could talk, it would surely be angrily shouting at the guy to stop making fun of him and return him to the sea!

Check out this hilarious video:

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