Charming hoarder dog “Chase” spits out nine tater tots goes viral

Charming hoarder dog “Chase” spits out nine tater tots goes viral

Here’s one funny scenario. What if someone catches you hiding something—say, for example, hoarding lots of food in your mouth—and somehow, that someone judges you for doing such an act?

This is what has happened to our favorite dog of the day named Chase who was queried by his mommy.

Based on how Chase looked, it seems pretty hilarious to see such a dog appear like he’s got a confession to make.

For Chase, he knew it was already over and he had to admit his mistakes when his mommy said,

“Chase, what (have) you got in there baby? What (have) you got in your mouth puppy? Is there something in your mouth baby?”

A few seconds later, he surrenders and reveals what he’s kept inside his mouth—not one, not two, but 9 tater tots!

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The 30 seconds viral clip was uploaded by America’s Funniest Home Videos on Youtube gained thirty five thousand views as of this posting.

Just watch it here and feel destressed!

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