Funny cat loudly grumbles in bath telling the owner “no more”

Funny cat loudly grumbles in bath telling the owner “no more”

Cats don’t usually need a bath nor does feline family more often not want one!

Though, on some occasions such as if they get very dirty or gets too close to something it shouldn’t, or needs to be bathed for medical reasons or simply you want them to be ready for power hugs – the task is very challenging as ever for some cat owners.

Now, a funny clip uploaded on Youtube of a very upset cat vocally complains during her bath, repeatedly telling the owner which seems like a “no more” meow version has gone viral!

The viral short video has been seen more than a million times on Youtube and almost 20 million views in Facebook as of this posting.

I gave a very angry cat a bath today, she insisted, "no more"!

Posted by David Savage on Saturday, August 15, 2015

(video credits by David Savage)

The owner, David Savage from Bangor, Maine, was just doing his job, washing Lucy the cat, when something fascinating happened.

The cat was seen complaining about her taking a bath, unmistakably meowing close to human voice of “no more.”

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