Watch Cute ‘Viral’ Video of Dog Eating a Corn Cob

Watch Cute ‘Viral’ Video of Dog Eating a Corn Cob

Dogs and corn cobs do not mix – it would be too difficult for the dog to eat the corn cob unless its owner removes the kernels and place them in a bowl, right? Well, all this time, we’ve had the wrong notion.

Of course, most (if not all) dogs will quickly chomp on the corn cob and try to gobble it up but you can actually train them to simply nimble on the rows so they could eat the edible part while ensuring the hard part does not get ingested.

If you don’t believe me, then watch this adorable video taken by YouTube user gajyumaru234.

It shows Coco-chan the Golden Retriever eating a cob of corn with such delicate care that she almost appears to be human in her ways.

Instead of trying to gobble up the entire treat, she delicately nibbled at the corn rows.

She plucked the corn with such care that there was none left by the time the video ended.

Would you believe she did not even leave a mess while eating? What a great dog! Of course, we must commend the owner for training her well.

Browsing through the rest of gajyumaru234’s videos, it soon became clear that Coco-chan is truly an amazing dog.

There’s a video of her eating a cake her owner made for her 7th birthday.

This cake was made from cooked sweet potato the owner lovingly mashed and shaped into a cake, then topped with some doggie treats and a candle.

It is wonderful how this dog owner knows how to treat his dog nicely and provides him with a delicious variety of food!

Now only does Coco-chan eat corn and sweet potato cake, she also appears to eat anything.

She’s not picky at all! In fact, she relished the salad dish her owner made from fresh bitter gourd he harvested from their yard.

I didn’t even know dogs enjoyed eating bitter gourd! Ours would not dare taste that bitter vegetable. LOL.

There’s also a video of Coco-chan eating a watermelon, pumpkin, cabbages, tomatoes, and other food.

Perhaps, Coco-chan is vegetarian, eh?

It surely looks great to have such a good dog being taken care of by such a wonderful owner.

I wish I had a dog like her.

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