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Elegant-Looking Bathroom Design Ideas

Elegant-Looking Bathroom Design Ideas

You have plenty of inspiration to draw from when you consider designing your bathroom.

The quality of this part of your house has a profound effect on its overall value. That’s why it is important to have a bathroom that combines form and function.

Homebuilders and interior decorators agree on the following design ideas that will improve the look of your bathroom and boost its value.

Grotto-Like Appearance


Designer: Oliver M. Furth / Photo: Joe Schelzer

Homeowners who want a unique bathroom design, this is a possible option. This grotto-like style is ideal for coastal houses because it makes one feel closer to the ocean even if he or she isn’t out swimming. Create this look by choosing the right combination of colors such as blue and emerald.

Lighting also contributes to the overall effect you want to produce.

All White Look

Designer: Steve Kadlec and Sasha Adler / Photo: Joe Schelzer

Make your bathroom look bigger and sleeker with an all-white ensemble. This clean appearance is easy on the eyes and stylish at the same time.

Marble bordered floors, mirrors, and a crystal chandelier add a touch of elegance to a simple look.

Sultry Design


Designer: Jae Joo / Photo: Julia Robbs

If white isn’t your thing, you can always go black. Create a sultry looking bathroom with dark marble and a smoky black mirror. This look is, simply put, stylish and sexy.

The contrast of dark and light hues produced by the marble brings out the best in this part of your home.

Earth Tones


Photo: Meghan Beierle O’Brien

Contrary to an all-white palette, this style has a natural look and feel to it. The earthy hues and texture give your bathroom not only a distinct appearance but also a nature-like ambiance. The uneven colors and rugged edges add elegance and luxury each time you go in.

Potential buyers might like this design and agree to the price you set.

Feel Like Royalty


Designer: A Philippe Starck chair for Mexican ottoman, a Louis XV mirror, and a candelabra artwork by Peter Tunney / Photo: Douglas Friedman

For those with a bigger budget, you can splurge and make your bathroom fit for royalty. Use marble for the ceiling to the floor, this creates a majestic and clean look. Add pieces of furniture such as a candelabra from an antique store, a full-length mirror, and a customized chair.

These produce a stunning bathroom design that will make you feel like a king or queen.

Roman Style Spa

Designer: Estee Stanley / Photo: Trevor Tondro class=

Designer: Estee Stanley / Photo: Trevor Tondro

If you are nostalgic about a time from several centuries ago, this is the bathroom theme is for you. Marble flooring, Roman-style tiles, floorings, sculpted columns, and clean spaces will make you feel like a Roman king relaxing in the spa. Ask your room designer and architect to give it a modern spin for a luxurious look.

This will definitely make a good impression on potential buyers if you plan to sell the house.

Floral Spectacle


Designer: Sara Ruffin Costello / Photo: Paul Costello

Go all-in on floral to create a fresh and fun bathroom. Create a beautiful contrast by mixing dark and light hues. A black wall highlights the colors and shapes of the floral design you want.

Add a mirror and scones to complete this bathroom design.

These are just some of the designs you might want to consider when refurbishing or building your bathroom. These ideas have their distinct personalities that may match with yours.

Visualize these to determine which style suits you.

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