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Spice Up your Staircases with these Awesome Design Ideas

Staircase: Complex ornamental work / Photo:
Spice Up your Staircases with these Awesome Design Ideas

The staircase serves a practical use for homeowners; however, despite this fact, there are ways to make it look better. The stairs are one detail among many, but for interior design to work, every feature plays a role.

The stairs are one aspect of a room that can add to its overall appearance and appeal. Homebuilders and interior designers cite the following ways you can spice up your staircase.

Light the Staircase


Designer: Ilija Karlusic / Photo: Rhiannon Slatter

One of the simplest ways to improve the look of your stairs is to let them up. Install track lights to create a bit of drama whenever you go up or down floors.

It highlights this part of the house and also serves a practical purpose, especially if you have seniors or children at home.

It makes it easier and safer for them to go up or down.

Have it in White


Designer: hazalynn Cavin-Winfrey / Photo: Gordon Beall

White is an immaculate color that can either stand out or highlight other aspects that are around it.

Pant your stairs white or use white wood to get this look. The white color draws attention to it or serves as a complement to the furniture, living room or dining room.

It is also easy on the eyes and accentuates the style and design of the staircase.

Light it from Above


Designer: Dave Stimmel

Using track lighting is a good design concept, but you can also install lights over the stairs. This type of lighting highlights the stairs and also makes a room look good.

The overhead lighting can also create the mood you want whenever you enter a room.

Use Glass for Rails


Designer: Nicole Sassaman

If you want to take a non-traditional route, why not use glass for the railing of your wooden staircase? Modern and industrial designs are pushing the limits of home aesthetics.

A glass rail complements your stairs perfectly. It highlights its style and blends in with any interior paint color combinations.

If you want to think outside the box, this is the way to go.

Use Contrasting Colors


Photo: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Light and dark colors create a beautiful contrast between rooms and pieces of furniture.

This balance has an eye-catching visual appeal that will make you and visitors stop and stare even for a few moments. This also highlights the best aspects of your house such as the beautifully made staircase or the new chairs you had custom-made.

Use lighter or darker tones for each room to create a visually appealing interior design.

Install Interior Windows


Photo: Eric Perry

If you want a unique look, why not install interior windows by the stairs? This design approach lets natural light through and onto the staircase.

You don’t have to use lights during the day until the evening with this concept. It also allows for better air circulation without your home.

Stylish Banister


Designer: Barry Dixon / Photo: Edward Addeo

Make your stairs standout with a banister that has detailed and intricate woodwork. This detail may not be seen immediately, but upon closer inspection, it will bring out the best in the staircase.

This detail improves the overall interior design of a home and draws the attention of visitors.

Your staircase doesn’t have to be ordinary, it can contribute to the appearance of your home’s interior. These design ideas spice up your stairs and make them attractive to you and your visitors.

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