10 of the Undeniably Major Causes of Obesity No one talks about

10 of the Undeniably Major Causes of Obesity No one talks about

Obesity is becoming a great dilemma to individuals nowadays, especially those living in the urban areas that are mostly eating from fast food chains. But of course, this does not mean that becoming obese is solely due to eating out.

“We must pay greater attention to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and able to heal. Yet we are making it difficult for our defences to work. We allow things to be sold that should not be called food. Many have no nutritive value and lead to obesity, salt imbalance, and allergies.”
David Suzuki

So among the hearsay about becoming obese, which are the top 10 list of the major causes of obesity? Read on below.

10 – Food intake

It is not just food that makes us fat but the type of lifestyle choice we live everyday.

This one goes without a saying because naturally, if you take in too much calories, it is expected that your body will bloat uncontrollably. Too much food intake goes hand in hand with lack of exercise in causing a person to become obese.

9 – Lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle

Like sited earlier, having a sedentary lifestyle accounts to causing obesity to a person. This is especially true to individuals who are taking in too much calories, but lacks the physical activities needed to help the person digest the food taken. If a person has too much caloric intake, but is diligent enough with his exercise regimen, then becoming obese is unlikely to happen.

8 – Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is pointed out as one of the causes of becoming obese because studies have shown that individuals who are awake most of the time has the tendency to eat more as well, whether to fill in the time he is awake but has nothing else to do, or simply munching on food to keep one’s eyes open.

7 – Medicines taken

Some drugs are also accountable to keeping a person obese, especially individuals that are taking steroids, contraceptive pill, diabetes drugs, antidepressants, and some blood pressure drugs. Obesity usually results from the side effects when taking such drugs.

6 – Genes

Genes is included in this list because there a certain gene linked to risking an individual to becoming obese. This cause on the other hand can be controlled by the individual, especially if you are determined to control your weight gain since you are already aware of your existing risk factor.

5 – Fertility problems

Fertility problems are considered as one of the causes of becoming obese already. This is because certain fertility problems can make a woman to eat more, that may at times become a symptom of having such fertility problem.

4 – Pollution

Pollution as we all know is not good for our health, especially when such pollutants are affecting our hormonal levels. So when the hormones in our bodies are altered, there is a tendency to become obese as a result to affecting the hormone that signals our hunger.

3 – Too much exposure to air conditioning

Living in an air conditioned room may help you feel comfortable, but not to your body. This is because your body’s temperature will tend to stop regulating, which is actually helpful in burning some calories.

2 – Age Factors

Age has the ability to make your skin sag, which is grasped by most individuals in the wrong way. Since they wanted to have a tout skin to make them look younger and fresher, they tend to eat more in order to fill those saggy skins, which of course results to becoming obese.

1 – Having an obese spouse

It is natural for lovers to spend time together. However, the thing is, most couple spend quality time by eating as well. As a result, the couple becomes obese.

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