Watch Teen Sisters ‘Enter Sandman’ Metallica Cover Goes Viral

Watch Teen Sisters ‘Enter Sandman’ Metallica Cover Goes Viral

A young band comprised of preteen sisters 14-year-old Daniela (lead guitar), 12-year-old Paulina (drums), and 9-year-old Alejandra (bass) are making waves on the internet after their cover of “Enter Sandman” goes viral.

The three, collectively known as “The Warning”, are hoping comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres would take notice of their talent and invite them to her show.

With such great talent they performed one of Metallica’s greatest hits – leading us to think Ellen would surely find out about them very soon.

We’re hoping this would happen in the near future.

Considering they made a cover of a song Metallica had sold millions of copies of, the girls were placing themselves under the intense scrutiny of the band’s large fan base.

Everyone watched with abated breath as to how these kids will perform the song, whether they could live up to everyone’s expectations or were just another trying hard, rock star wannabees.

But after watching The Warning perform the song, most remarked how awesome these girls are!

They were able to capture the essence of the song yet also add their own sweetness to the version, allowing for a fantastic performance that touched the hearts of young and old Metallica fans, and even non-fans!

Here’s their superb performance:

It is hard to believe they are just a bunch of kids!

Did you know these girls already have a song available on iTunes? You can easily download their first original track entitled, “Free Falling”.

Proceeds will go to their music education fund.

I love how these kids are dreaming big and preparing for their future, especially because they are all hoping to attend Berklee College of Music.

Young as they are, these kids are raising funds for their college tuition via GoFundMe!

I love that attitude.

I hope they will be able to raise enough funds so they can achieve their dreams.

Judging from their awesome over of Enter Sandman, these kids have real talent.

It would be fun to watch them grow and become the next top band to rock the world.

There’s nothing impossible, especially in the world of music.

We can’t wait to see them performing in a concert with their own songs.

They certainly have a long way to go before that happens but they are on the right track.

Keep it up and good luck, girls!

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