Google Glass is Back? Take a Peek at Leaked Images of New Google Eyewear

Google Glass is Back? Take a Peek at Leaked Images of New Google Eyewear

We already see that coming – Google’s computer eyewear device isn’t dead.

A new version of Google’s future-like device has been making rounds on tech websites – with a new sleek look, foldable, easily store in a pocket, according to a filing published on the Federal Communications Commission’s website spotted by 9to5google.

The filing shows that the technology giant, Google is still on the process to improve the most talked about device after the shaky debut last year.

The original Glass technology were put down early this year after it failed to impressed the consuming market though promised to revise its smart eyeglasses for enterprises.

“Well, we still have some work to do, but now we’re ready to put on our big kid shoes and learn how to run,” Google.

The latest version also features a longer display prism which let the wearers view images from the camera and will make the images easier to see.

new google glass 3

new google glass 2

new google glass 1

new google glass

new google glass 4

If not, the Glass “enterprise” edition bears a strong resemblance to the glasses that Google founder Sergey Brin put on ostensibly around the clock when he was publicizing the unfortunate consumer prototype.

People react mainly at the hideous, invasive design.

These smart glasses were reported being banned in some public places, due to privacy concerns.
The group responsible for research and development of technologies including Google Glass operates under the name Project Aura, a name that Google hasn’t confirmed.

Tony Fadell, co-founder of Nest (recently acquired by Google in 2014) is leading the initiative.

Whilst Google is as usual quiet about the rumored new project Glass, it is actively employing developers to design applications for the device through a program called Glass at Work.

Certified partners will be authorized to distribute Google Glass along with their software when the newly revamped technology becomes available to the consumers.

Several early participants in Glass at Work specialize in applications for health care.

Examples include Advanced Medical Applications, which designs software for live-surgery demonstrations, training and telemedicine; Augmedix, which sells electronic medical records software; and Pristine, a purveyor of video communications technology.

No news yet about when Google Glass business edition will be publicly available.

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