10 of the Mindboggling Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet

10 of the Mindboggling Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet

I’m always a big fan of because of their bizarre collection of odd things. It’s also one of the website where I pick articles to post when I’m out of something to write to. Today, I choose their animal bizarre category.

It’s always sad when a beloved pet dies. However, there are more ways than ever to honor its memory, be it by making a fur coat from its hair, jewelry in the shape of its nose or mixing its ashes into a record or a pillow.

Here’s Top 10 lists of Mindboggling Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet.

1 – Hug A Pillow Containing Their Ashes

If you’ve ever wanted to give your long gone furry friends a big fat hug, the soft-hearted pillow will let you cuddle up and take a nap with your deceased pet. The Soft-Hearted pillow contains a small plastic pouch that will seal in their ashes tight so you can cuddle them for eternity. You can even personalize your pillow with embroidery or trimmings to further memorialize your critter.

2 – Rock Out With Their Record

Whether you named your pet after a musician or “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” makes you think of your beloved critter, sometimes music is one of the best ways to remember your lost loved one. That’s why And Vinyl presses ashes into vinyl records for you to listen to forever after. You can either use your favorite song or have the company write a track specifically for you and your pet. The company will even paint a portrait of your pet using its ashes and include that as the album’s cover art.

3 – Make A Necklace From Their Hair

If your fluffy kitty or puppy left hair all over the house, or if you had a chance to shave off some of their fur before their cremation or burial, you can always try rolling their fur into balls and then turning those balls into jewelry like designer Kate Benjamin.

4 – Wear A Sweater Made From Their Fur

Alternatively, if you want a bigger tribute made from your critter’s fur then you can always have the hair turned into yarn and then knitted into sweaters like these people who are part of Erwan Fichou’s Dogwool series. While the models used in Fichou’s series are given their own jackets made from their dog’s fur courtesy of the photographer, you’ll have to find your own knitter to work with the fur because Fichou will only accept volunteers who are willing to pose in the jackets beside the pets who provided the fur.

5 – Load Bullets With Their Ashes

Did little Fido love hunting with you? Then why not take him on one more hunt by loading up your shotgun cartridges with his ashes like Joanna Booth did with her husband’s ashes? While you can probably find a weapons dealer locally who could help add the ashes to your bullets, Caledonian Cartridge Company in England will most certainly be willing to take on the challenge, being as how they already helped Mrs. Booth with the process.

6 – Form A Diamond With Their Ashes

Pets only live for a short while, but diamonds are forever, so why not let your past pet live on forever in a stunning piece of jewelry? A Japanese company named Lido can turn your pet’s ashes into a yellow diamond up to one carat in size, which can then be set into a jewelry piece for you to wear for the rest of your life.

7 – Create Jewelry From Their Nose

Artist Jackie Kaufman uses a quick-forming silicon mold to take imprints of pet’s noses, which she then uses to cast metal pendants. While the process is fast enough that it doesn’t bother living cats and dogs, it could just as easily be adapted for those who have recently passed away.

8 – Tattoo Them On Your Arm

Sure you could tattoo a portrait of your pet on your arm, but if you really want to personalize your tribute tattoo, you could always incorporate some of your furry friend’s ashes. While there are a lot of tattoo shops willing to mix the ashes in with the ink they use, be sure you ask ahead of time because some shops are unwilling to perform this procedure.

9 – Immortalize Them As Art

If you aren’t up to inking a permanent tribute of your pet onto your skin, then you can always have a more traditional portrait of them painted by artist Wayne DeFrances, who will incorporate your pet’s ashes into the paint he uses.

Note: The Image is for illustration purposes and is not of Wayne DeFrances or his artwork.

10 – Clone Them

If you just can’t give up your beloved pet, you can always try cloning them if you have a DNA sample and $50,000 lying around like Bernann McKinney did when she got five clones of her beloved pit bull created. Of course, the new puppy clone may look just like your old furry friend, but it will not grow up to have the same personality and behavioral traits, so really, aren’t you better off adopting a new puppy from your local animal shelter?

I will try number 10 to clone Pam(My deceased dog). I missed her a lot. She died when she accidentally cross the street and run on a huge truck. Feels so sad now, though it’s been part of our life’s journey and the important part is that, once in my life I know someone named Pamela that cheers when I go home everyday.

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